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Environmental Geomembrane

China environmental geomembrane manufacturers supply factory price&high quality environmental geomembrane if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price environmental geomembrane, welcome to consult environmental geomembrane for sale. Environmental geomembrane is a kind of HDPE geomembrane, which is mainly made of opaque and translucent thermoplastic resin material – polyethylene resin. High quality environmental geomembrane (wholesale environmental geomembrane) produced by the environmental high quality environmental geomembrane manufacturers is a high molecular polymer, which is a non-toxic, odorless and odorless white particle. It’s melting point is about 110-130℃, and its relative density is 0.918-0.965. The environmental high quality environmental geomembrane produced by the environmental geomembrane manufacturers (environmental geomembrane factory price) has good heat resistance and cold resistance. It has good chemical stability, high rigidity, and toughness, good mechanical strength, good resistance to environmental stress cracking and tear strength. With the increase in density, mechanical properties and barrier properties will be correspondingly improved, heat resistance and tensile strength will be higher; it can resist acid, alkali, organic solvents and other corrosion.

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Features of Environmental Geomembrane

The production methods of HDPE geomembrane Environmental high quality environmental geomembrane are blow molding and calendaring. The popular production method is blow molding, we have advanced production line and max-width can be 10m, the max thickness for blowing is 2.5mm.
The environmental geomembrane factory price strictly produced according to the American standard GRI GM-13, and test by the ASTM method. So, it is a high-grade virgin HDPE environmental geomembrane for sale, with very good UV resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service time.
1. Environmental geomembrane produced by the environmental geomembrane manufacturers has High physical and mechanical indexes: the tensile strength can reach more than 27MPa; Elongation at break can reach more than 800 percent; the right-angle tear strength can reach more than 150N/mm.
2. Environmental geomembrane has Good chemical stability: wholesale environmental geomembrane factory price produced by the environmental geomembrane manufacturers (wholesale environmental geomembrane) has excellent chemical stability, widely used in sewage treatment, chemical reaction tank, and landfill. Resistance to high and low temperature, asphalt, oil and tar, acid, alkali, salt, and more than 80 kinds of strong acid and alkali chemical medium corrosion.
3. Environmental geomembrane has a High anti-seepage coefficient: Environmental geomembrane for sale (environmental geomembrane factory price) has an incomparable anti-seepage effect compared with ordinary waterproof materials, and the water vapor seepage system K<=1.0*10-13g. Cm /c cm2.s. a.
4. Environmental geomembrane produced by the environmental geomembrane manufacturers is friendly to the environment. It uses environmental protection material, the impervious principle is a common physics change, does not produce any harmful material, it is the best choice of environmental protection, breed, and drinkable pool.

features of environmental geomembrane

Taidong is a professional China environmental geomembrane manufacturers, supply factory price&high quality environmental geomembrane if you want to wholesale high quality&factory price environmental geomembrane, welcome to consult environmental geomembrane for sale.

Parameters of Environmental Geomembrane

Thickness: 0.1mm-4mm
Width: 1-10m
Length: 20-200m (customized)
Color: black/white/transparent/green/blue/customized

Environmental Protection Used HDPE Geomembrane

No. Test item Technical data
Thickness (mm) 0.50 0.75 1.00 1.25 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00
1 Density g/m2 ≥0.94 ≥0.94 ≥0.94 ≥0.94 ≥0.94 ≥0.94 ≥0.94 ≥0.94
2 Tensile Yield Strength (MD&TD) (N/mm) ≥8.5 ≥12 ≥16 ≥19.5 ≥24 ≥31 ≥40 ≥48
3 Tensile Breaking Strength (MD&TD) (N/mm) ≥14 ≥22 ≥29 ≥36 ≥44 ≥58 ≥73 ≥88
4 Elongation at yield (MD&TD) (%) ≥13 ≥13 ≥13 ≥13 ≥13 ≥13 ≥13 ≥13
5 Elongation at break (MD&TD) (%) ≥750 ≥750 ≥750 ≥750 ≥750 ≥750 ≥750 ≥750
6 Tear Resistance (MD&TD) (N) ≥63 ≥100 ≥135 ≥175 ≥205 ≥275 ≥340 ≥410
7 Puncture Strength (N) ≥170 ≥260 ≥350 ≥440 ≥520 ≥700 ≥880 ≥1050
8 Tensile load stress cracking (Constant load tensile method of the incision) ≥500 ≥500 ≥500 ≥500 ≥500 ≥500 ≥500 ≥500
9 Carbon Black Content (%) 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0
10 85°C heat aging (Atmospheric OIT retention after 90d) (%) ≥60 ≥60 ≥60 ≥60 ≥60 ≥60 ≥60 ≥60
11 UV protection (OIT retention rate after 1600 h utilizing) ≥55 ≥55 ≥55 ≥55 ≥55 ≥55 ≥55 ≥55
12 Carbon black dispersion In 10 data, Grade 3≤1, Grade 4,5 are not allowed
13 Oxidative Induction Time (min) Atmospheric oxidative induction time≧110
High pressure oxidative induction time≧440

Application of Environmental Geomembrane

1. Environmental protection and sanitation (e.g. landfill, sewage treatment, poisonous and harmful substance treatment plant, dangerous goods warehouse, industrial waste, construction, and blasting waste, etc.)
2. Water Conservancy (such as seepage prevention, leak plugging, reinforcement, environmental geomembrane for sale, seepage prevention vertical core wall of canals, slope protection, etc.
3. Municipal works (subway, underground works of buildings and roof cisterns, seepage prevention of roof gardens, the lining of sewage pipes, etc.)
4. Garden (artificial lake, pond, golf course pond bottom lining, slope protection, etc.)
5. Petrochemical (chemical plant, refinery, gas station tank seepage control, wholesale environmental geomembrane, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining, etc.)
6. Mining industry (bottom lining impermeability of washing pond, heap leaching pond, ash yard, dissolution pond, sedimentation pond, heap yard, tailings pond, etc.)
7. Agriculture (seepage control of reservoirs, drinking ponds, storage ponds, and irrigation systems)
8. Aquaculture (lining of the fish pond, shrimp pond, slope protection of sea cucumber circle, etc.)
9. Salt Industry (salt crystallization pool, brine pool cover, salt geomembrane, salt pool geomembrane)

application of environmental geomembrane

Cautions of The Installation Environmental Geomembrane

Please do not drag the HDPE liner HDPE geomembrane in the transportation, and avoid stabbing by sharp objects.
1. From the bottom to the high extension, do not pull too tight, should leave 1.50% of the residual, in case of local subsidence stretch. Considering the actual situation of this project, the slope is laid from top to bottom.
2. The longitudinal joints of adjacent two pieces shall not be in a horizontal line and shall stagger each other for more than 1m;
3. The longitudinal joint shall be more than 1.5m away from the dam foot and bend foot and shall be set on the plane;
4. Install the HDPE liner on the Slope first, then install the bottom.
5. When the slope is laid, the film-spreading direction should be basically parallel to the maximum slope line.
6. The temperature should generally be more than 5 degrees Celsius, HDPE liner HDPE geomembrane should be tense at low temperature, HDPE liner should be loose at high temperature.
7. The wind is below grade 4 for work conditions.
8. When the temperature is too low, the construction should not be carried out in windy and sleet weather above grade 4.
9. In windy weather, when the wind influences the construction of HDPE liner, the HDPE liner to be welded shall be pressed firmly with sandbags.

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