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Excellent Characteristics of Filament Geotextile

In fact, filament geotextile is also known as a geotextile. Its overall width is generally 4-6 meters, and its length is 50-100 meters. So what are the characteristics of the filament geotextile? Let’s take a look at it below, I look forward to helping you.

Talking about the characteristics of the polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price, first of all, we think about the use of performance. At the time of application, people will find that it has a layer that is not easily denatured, dissolved, and weathered. It can maintain its original characteristics for a long time. It also means water absorption, filament geotextile can reasonably control its structural porosity, and it also means the characteristics of convenient storage and transportation. Because its net weight is lighter, it is very convenient when it is packaged. It is also resistant to acid, alkali, insects, and aflatoxin, which is very convenient for everyone.

Filament geotextile characteristics: Filament geotextile is made by using polyester method through spinning and needle-forming soil. The product model is randomly selected from 80-800g / m2. Wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile is one of the applications in geological engineering and construction This geotechnical material is made of polyester yarn into a net and soil, and its chemical fibers are arranged in a three-dimensional structure.

In addition to the excellent physical properties, the filament geotextile also has excellent horizontal and vertical drainage pipe characteristics, excellent broadening characteristics, and high reliability of organic chemicals such as microorganism resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. In addition, it also has a wide The diameter range, roughness porosity all over, infiltration characteristics and filter characteristics.

Excellent Characteristics of Filament Geotextile

The characteristics of high-temperature resistance and light resistance of polypropylene nonwoven geotextile for sale, even after short-term exposure to the natural environment of nearly 20 ℃, its characteristics have not basically changed. After many experiments and practical experience, polyester long fiber imitation cloth nonwoven Geotextiles have long-term corrosion resistance to various soil layers, moisture, and microbial strains.

Filament geotextile is mainly used for the following characteristics: it can fully exert the protective effect, can long-term protect the soil composed of different ingredients and characteristics to avoid layering and avoid mutual integration, and has frost resistance and load-bearing regulations required for engineering construction.

Filament geotextile has excellent filtration characteristics and anti-corrosion characteristics, water can penetrate in every direction, and it is not easy to accumulate working pressure. In addition, it can avoid the outflow of the soil layer, which is beneficial to reliability and anti-corrosion characteristics. It has reliable drainage pipes Because of the bulkiness of its structure, it can reasonably control the drainage pipeline of the geological engineering surface.

High quality polypropylene nonwoven geotextile has excellent maintenance characteristics because of its excellent puncture, ductility, and bulkiness, it can reasonably maintain the ground waterproof to prevent potential mechanical equipment damage, with reinforced characteristics bulkiness and high Toughness improves the overall reliability of the project and increases its compressive strength.

The application of filament geotextile is becoming more and more common, but everyone will find that after applying it for a period of time, it will appear brittle, so what should people do in normal times to prevent it from becoming brittle? ? Let’s take a look at it below, and I look forward to helping you.
1. In the whole process of laying all filament geotextiles produced by polypropylene nonwoven geotextile manufacturers, all places shall be inspected in a uniform and delicate manner to eliminate the residues of the basic road surface.
2. When laying filament geotextile, it is necessary to carry out balanced liquid-conducting submergence, so that the filament geotextile has better stability and solidification.
3. According to the different conditions of the climate, carry out the measurement of temperature and environmental humidity, and adjust and solve the operating natural environment of all filament geotextiles according to the specific information.

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