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Excellent Performance of Composite Geomembrane

The widespread use of composite geomembrane must be obvious to everyone, but different impermeable geomembrane needs to be selected at different stages of the project. Therefore, aquaculture geomembrane factory price should not only consider the cost but also consider the physical and chemical properties required in the use environment. What are the excellent properties of the composite geomembrane?

Excellent Performance of Composite Geomembrane

What are the excellent properties of composite geomembrane?

1. Good physical and mechanical properties
The working environment of composite geomembrane is poor. In many cases, it is immersed in water or spread in high humidity soil. Therefore, the wholesale LDPE geomembrane has good hydrolysis resistance and mechanical properties of wet geotextiles.

2. UV resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and high-temperature resistance
The composite geomembrane should be exposed to sunlight, so it should have the corresponding anti-ultraviolet capacity; the composite geomembrane should adapt to the temperature and have a higher melting point when it is in contact with asphalt and other materials.

3. Chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance
Water and soil are very different, some are alkaline, some are acidic, some contain more salts, and some contain various elements, so they are chemically stable.

4. Good water permeability
Composite glass-fiber geogrid geotextile filtering and drainage need good water permeability, so it has good air permeability filament woven geotextile. The worn geotextile is repaired by laying and thermally connecting the LDPE geomembrane factory price, which is at least 200 mm longer than the edge in all directions. Strictly control the thermal connection to ensure that the geomembrane and the geomembrane are tightly combined and will not cause damage to the geomembrane.

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