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Factors Affecting the Price of Impermeable Membranes

The main components of the impermeable membrane are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and EVA (ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer). They are a kind of high-molecular chemical flexible material with a small specific gravity, strong extensibility, and high adaptability to deformation. Now I am buying When it comes to impermeable plastic geonet manufacturers, they are usually ordered directly from the manufacturers. The price of impermeable membranes is what we are more concerned about. What are the factors that affect the price of impermeable membranes?

1. Logistics
Some customers may have their own logistics resources. If they do so, they can find a car by themselves. If not, the manufacturer will contact you for logistics and freight.

2. Demand
The amount of demand directly determines the price of the wholesale plastic geonet, and generally, the price of a large quantity will be relatively low.

3. Taxes
There are three methods: a special ticket, a common ticket, and no ticket.

4. Specifications and original manufacturing materials
The general raw materials are divided into recycled materials and new materials. The raw material: high-density polyethylene is the primary raw material for the production of impermeable high quality plastic geonet. The fluctuations in its quotations directly affect the pricing of impermeable membrane products. The specification of the impermeable membrane refers to the thickness requirements of the impermeable membrane. The thickness of the membrane can be from 0.2mm to 2.0mm.

5. Specification
The specifications are decided by customers according to their specific engineering nature. The specifications are generally divided into non-standard, national standard, and urban construction standard. Regulations have increased in sequence, and the corresponding prices are relatively high. Standardization is an important factor that affects the price of impermeable HDPE geonet manufacturers.

Factors Affecting the Price of Impermeable Membranes

The main factors affecting the price of the impermeable membrane are the above. After understanding the matters affecting the price of the impermeable membrane, we can also have some help when we buy products, and we will not be slaughtered when buying. Too.

The anti-seepage membrane is a relatively common anti-seepage material in engineering construction. The anti-seepage bentonite geosynthetic clay liner factory price has good anti-corrosion performance, electrical performance, and moisture resistance. Good leak-proof performance and high tensile strength also make the anti-seepage and breeding in wire and cable and engineering Anti-seepage and other fields are applicable. In general, in order to make the corrosion resistance of the anti-seepage membrane be well exerted, certain matters need to be paid attention to during construction.

1. Before paving the impermeable polyester geogrid manufacturers, the relative construction qualification acceptance certificate should be approved.

2. Before laser cutting the impermeable membrane, the relevant specifications should be accurately and accurately measured, and then the laser cutting should be carried out according to the actual specifications. Laser cutting cannot be carried out according to the size of the drawing. It should be recorded in a unique way after each serial number.

3. Welding is less during the pavement. Under the premise of quality and quantity high quality uniaxial plastic geogrid, raw materials should be saved as much as possible. It is also very easy to maintain quality and quantity.

4. The total width of the lap of the steel film and the middle joint of the plastic film is usually not less than 10 cm. The orientation of the welding sequence is generally parallel to the large vertical plane, that is, along with the skew orientation.

5. Generally in the corner and deformation part, the length of the connector should be as short as possible uniaxial plastic geogrid for sale. Welding is not allowed in the steep slope stress area with a steep slope of 1.5 meters or a slope exceeding 1:6.

6. When paving impermeable membranes, manual service wrinkles should be prevented. When the temperature is low, it should be tightened and leveled as much as possible.

7. After paving the impermeable fiberglass geogrid factory price, special tools for moving and moving the membrane surface should be avoided as much as possible. Anything that would cause harm should not be placed on the membrane or brought on the membrane to prevent accidental destruction of the membrane.

Factors Affecting the Price of Impermeable Membranes

The impermeable membrane is a non-toxic and odorless high molecular weight polymer white particles. As the density of the impermeable wholesale fiberglass geogrid chemical molecules increases, the mechanical properties and barrier properties also increase accordingly. With the advancement of science and technology, it is believed that for impermeable membrane materials The performance will be further developed.

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