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Features of Barrier Film

Impervious membranes are commonly used in ordinary clothing, food, housing, and transportation engineering constructions. Impervious membranes for HDPE in sewage treatment plants; HDPE geomembrane for anti-seepage in sewage treatment stations; LDPE geomembrane for sale for anti-seepage in power plant tailings; HDPE geomembrane for sugar plant wastewater and fertilizer plant tailings solution (special); HDPE geomembrane for non-ferrous metallurgical industry, hydrochloric acid pond, tailings treatment In the mining industry, many industrial production liquids with high-aspect-ratio chemical corrosion will be applied, and the structure of the HDPE impervious membrane itself is stable, impervious membrane, and has good chemical resistance. This feature of the HDPE barrier film makes it a very good barrier material. Good HDPE impermeable membrane is made from high-quality original ecological high-pressure polyethylene pellets, and the soft biogas digester membrane has good chemical resistance and can resist most chemical chemicals, thus ensuring high quality. An anti-seepage project of the mining industry. Free online commentary-In the anti-seepage system software of the mining industry, especially under many extreme climatic standards, you only need to choose an anti-seepage high quality LDPE geomembrane to obtain natural resources to the greatest extent. In addition, you can maintain it. The soil layer and water environment treatment around the mine, so the company considers the economic benefits of the company, and also considers the current ecological environment protection, so the anti-seepage geomembrane shows its advantages here, the subgrade of the anti-seepage geomembrane pavement The lower bearing layer of the project should be fine and smooth, and some coarse materials need to be added to the part where the concrete is isolated, and all sharp stones and fireproof geomembrane should be eliminated to ensure that the compactness, flatness, lateral inclination and process performance meet the requirements.

The name of the impervious membrane specification is high-pressure polyethylene geomembrane produced by LDPE geomembrane manufacturers. The key is made of high-pressure polyethylene epoxy resin, a milky white transparent to non-transparent thermoplastic raw material. High-pressure polyethylene is a high-molecular material polymer. It is a non-toxic, odorless, and odorless milky white particle with a melting point of about 110 ° C-130 ° C and a density of 0.918-0.965. Coldness. Good chemical reliability, high rigidity, and ductility, good impact toughness, good resistance to natural environment stress cracking and tear compressive strength, along with the increase of relative density, mechanical equipment performance, and insulation performance will Relatively improved, high-temperature resistance, and higher compressive strength; resistance to acid, alkali, solvent, and other erosion.

1. High impermeability index—the impermeability film has the unparalleled impermeability of general waterproof coatings. The HDPE impermeability film has a high-strength anti-pulling reflection. Its high-quality ductility and deformation ability make it very suitable for surging. Or gather the reference surface, can reasonably get rid of the uneven foundation settlement of the reference surface, and the water vapor permeability is high.

2. Chemical Reliability—Impermeable membranes have excellent chemical reliability and are widely used in wastewater treatment, chemical reflection ponds, and garbage disposal sites. Resistance to high and low-temperature tests, resistance to bitumen, oil, and nicotine, resistance to acid, alkali, salt and more than 80 kinds of strong oxidants and chemical substances.

3. The anti-aging performance-The anti-permeability film has excellent aging resistance, anti-ultraviolet light, anti-dissolving ability, and can be exposed. The use period of raw materials is 50-70 years, which guarantees very good raw materials for natural environment anti-seepage.

4. Resistance to green plant rhizomes-HDPE impervious membrane has excellent puncture resistance and can resist most green plant rhizomes.

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