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Filtration and Water Permeability of Filament Geotextile

Filament geotextile has too many application markets in the field of construction engineering. Due to the existence of filament geotextile, the construction project can be easily completed during the construction process, saving the entire project in a time-saving and labor-saving manner, and has achieved very good results. Therefore, the wholesale filament nonwoven geotextile is favored and welcomed by the construction industry. Therefore, the advent of filament geotextile has facilitated our civil engineering, saving time and cost. Today, Xiaobian, I will tell you two main characteristics of filament geotextile, one is water seepage and the other is filtration.

Filtration and Water Permeability of Filament Geotextile


First, the filament geotextile has particularly good water permeability. As a result, it will form a channel to filter moisture in the soil. This will ensure that as much of the water in the soil is lost as much as possible, the soil will dry out because our construction site requires the soil to stay dry. If there is too much water, there is no way to build it.

In addition, the filament nonwoven geotextile for sale has particularly good filtering performance, can filter out some impurities in the water and soil, without labor, which saves time and ensures that the entire project is completed faster. Therefore, its good filterability ensures good progress of construction projects.

In addition, the filament geotextile has good corrosion resistance. They can also be used in acid-alkali soils without any impact on filament geotextiles. It also prevents insects in the soil from harming the filament geotextile. Since filament geotextiles are hard for insects to bite, they have a protective effect on our construction projects.

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