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Geogrid Construction Method

Glass fiber geogrid reinforced foundation and subgrade subgrade construction method
High quality polyester geogrid reinforced foundation layer and subgrade roadbed are constructed by anchor method. Specific terms are the same as those of pavement layer anchor method.
Basically the same, but without the need to spray the sticky layer of oil, the laying requires compaction, flatness, and meets relevant design specifications.

Plastic Soil Stabilization Biaxial Geogrid Price

Construction method of glass fiber geogrid reinforced railway subgrade
a. Lay the fiberglass grid horizontally along the railway subgrade. It must be smooth and tight. The length of the fiberglass grid is 2000mm-3000mm at both ends of the transverse direction.
b. Put sand bags at both ends to compact.
c. The longitudinal overlap width should be 80mm-100mm, with a length of 50mm per section, anchored with iron skin and cement nails, or twisted with iron wire.
d. After turning the fiberglass grid at both ends over the compacted sandbag, use the sandbag to compact the fiberglass grid. e. Gaza soil is compacted and leveled.

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