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Geogrid Reinforcement Technology for Highway Subgrade Widening

Abstract: This paper introduces the function of wholesale polyester geogrid, and then combines the engineering examples to explore the application points of high quality polyester geogrid reinforced construction technology in highway subgrade construction in order to provide a reference for similar projects.

Keywords: roadbed widening; polyester geogrid for sale reinforcement; finite element analysis

1. Analysis of geogrid reinforced construction parameters

1.1 Establishing a finite element model
In the process of widening the highway subgrade, the finite element model was first constructed using finite element software. In addition, in the construction of experimental sections, the strength reduction factor of the highway is calculated by applying the strength reduction method. According to the calculation and analysis, the stability coefficient is 1.57, which can meet the stability requirements of the highway subgrade structure. In the finite element analysis of the widened roadbed construction section of the expressway, the overall structural stability and retrograde analysis are not required. In the application of finite element software, the highway subgrade widening engineering structure is shown in Figure 1.

1.2 Establishing a digital model
In the process of roadbed widening construction, in order to promote the effective connection between the original roadbed structure and the widened roadbed structure, polyester geogrid for sale reinforced construction technology is adopted according to the construction plan. The numerical analysis model of roadbed widening engineering was constructed by using MIDAS/GTS, and the construction parameters of wholesale polyester geogrid reinforced and widened roadbed were analyzed in detail by using finite element software. In the test section roadbed widening construction material selection, the use of two-ash improved soil as the roadbed filler, in addition, the use of high quality polyester geogrid and other reinforced materials for laying construction, the specific parameters are shown in Table 1.

Features And Application of Dimple Drainage Board

Figure 1 2D structure diagram of roadbed widening project

Table 1 Calculated values

1.3 Analysis of results
By establishing a numerical model and analyzing it, it can be seen that the application of wholesale polyester geogrid reinforced construction technology in the highway subgrade widening construction can effectively increase the subgrade strength. In the construction process of this experimental section, according to the previous construction experience, the grid reinforcement spacing is reasonably selected to ensure that the high quality polyester geogrid spacing meets the actual needs of the project construction in the process of widening the roadbed design, so as to improve the roadbed widening. Construction economy and safety. Considering the polyester geogrid for sale reinforced structure form comprehensively, through numerical calculation and analysis, the widened side displacement of the subgrade can be used as the construction quality control index, and the effect of polyester geogrid manufacturers reinforced construction is explored in detail. The length of the grid is 3 m. The reinforcement effect of the polyester geogrid manufacturers at 4 m, 5 m is shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3.

Figure 2: Reinforcement effect of widened roadbed with a different grid spacing

In the practical application of high quality polyester geogrid reinforcement technology, the effect of grid reinforcement construction is mainly affected by two factors: the length of the grid reinforcement and the spacing of the reinforcement. According to the analysis of the current value model and the on-site inspection of the experimental section, the suitable value of the grid reinforcement spacing is between 0.4 and 0.8 m, and the grid reinforcement length should be controlled to about 4 m. According to this analysis, it can be seen that the polyester geogrid for sale can be effectively applied to the widening of the subgrade of the highway, which can effectively improve the performance of the roadbed.

Figure 3: Reinforcement effect of widened roadbed with different grid lengths

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2. Technical points for reinforced construction of highway subgrade widening geogrid

2.1 Construction preparation
In the process of polyester geogrid manufacturers reinforced construction, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the original ground surface, remove stones, garbage, and other debris, and level the foundation to create conditions for the laying of the high quality polyester geogrid. In addition, the road roller should be compacted by the roller in combination with the actual situation.

2.2 laying geogrid
During the construction of the polyester geogrid manufacturers, it is necessary to pay attention to the full effect of the wholesale polyester geogrid reinforced construction. In the concrete laying section, the high-strength direction should be set in the vertical direction of the embankment axis, and the polyester geogrid factory price should be closely connected. It should be noted that the strength of the polyester geogrid factory price force connection direction should be greater than the polyester geogrid factory price design tensile strength, and should also be Pay attention to the effective control of the overlap length of the polyester geogrid for sale.

During the construction of the polyester geogrid factory price, the flatness control must be strengthened to avoid wrinkles. In the construction of this project, manual laying and tensioning are mainly used, and then U-shaped nails are applied to fix the polyester geogrid manufacturers surface. At the same time, the high quality polyester geogrid surface is required to be finished after the polyester geogrid factory price is laid. Flat treatment to avoid damage to the polyester geogrid factory price. Finally, when the polyester geogrid manufacturers are laid, it is necessary to check the fixing effect to avoid displacement.

2.3 Filling
In the process of filling the earth pressure, it is necessary to select the loader and excavator to carry out the foundation compaction treatment in combination with the construction technical conditions, strictly control the thickness of the fill paving to ensure that the design requirements are met. In the implementation of the pressure, it should also be noted that the thickness of the bars and tracks of the reinforcement materials and construction equipment and the thickness of the wholesale polyester geogrid should be controlled above 15 mm to avoid damage to the polyester geogrid for sale.

2.4 Compaction control
In the process of pressure implementation, it is necessary to strengthen the control of the water content and compaction density of the backfill soil to ensure that the roadbed compaction degree can meet the construction requirements of the project.

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