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Geomembrane Anti-aging Method

The light radiated by the sun to the earth’s atmosphere and the ultraviolet rays reaching the surface will cause photo-oxygen aging of the data, plus the thermal oxygen aging formed by temperature. Their total energy is significantly higher than the bond energy of some chemical bonds of the geomembrane, and then the geomembrane aging is formed. Geomembrane manufacturers indicated that we should do so if we want to further extend the service life of the main characteristics of anti-seepage geomembrane.

1. Select the appropriate thickness of the geomembrane, and select the appropriate thickness of the geomembrane according to the actual situation of the project, so that the service life of the geomembrane can be extended. Generally speaking, the thicker the geomembrane of equal data, the longer the service life.

2. Select the geomembrane with suitable data. The useful life of the geomembrane with equal thickness using new materials is much higher than that of using renewable materials.

Geomembrane Anti-aging Method

3. Without exposure, the geomembrane itself cannot be exposed to use under the sun. If exposed to the outside, it will greatly reduce the service life of the geomembrane.

4. There should be a maintenance layer on the geomembrane. If you want to improve the service life of the effect of geomembrane reinforcement, you should put a layer of geotextile on the geomembrane for maintenance.

Geomembrane is very easy to lay during construction due to irregular operation, which will damage the geomembrane and reduce the service life of the geomembrane. Therefore, in addition to the above matters, we must pay attention to the correct laying of the geomembrane.

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