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Geomembrane Construction Quality and Safety Assurance Measures

Geomembrane is made of plastic film as a moisture-proof plate. It is a geo-moisture-proof material covered with no anti-cloth. The key to its moisture-proof characteristics of the new material geomembrane is the moisture-proof characteristics of plastic film. High quality textured geomembrane is a chemically rigid polymer material with a small proportion and strong ductility. It has a high potential for deformation, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, and cold resistance.

Geomembrane Construction Quality and Safety Assurance Measures

Geomembrane uses reflect

1. Moisture-proof in a garbage disposal site
If a garbage station that has not been harmlessly treated becomes a long-term pollutant, it will seriously pollute the surface water. The harmful substances caused by waste discharge and pollute the air, which seriously affects the surrounding environment textured geomembrane for sale. For this situation, people should choose a sound landfill moisture-proof system and wear a “raincoat” for the waste.

2. Wastewater tank moisture
Corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion is specifically aimed at wastewater pools containing acid and alkali, harmful carcinogens, good economic returns, low comprehensive project budget, and low capital investment, which meets the requirements of wastewater moisture prevention.

3. Moisture-proof in the oil depot
Oil storage tanks in oil and gas fields, crude oil chemical plants, and oil depots store crude oil and manufacturing liquids high quality LDPE geomembrane. This manufacturing liquid is therefore highly irritating. According to the fifth moisture barrier or firewall to create oil depots, it can reasonably block water leakage to the soil. Resulting in waste.

4. Moisture-proof of an artificial lake
Maintaining water systems such as artificial lakes can maintain a problem-free water level. Industrial paint moisture resistance has more significant moisture resistance and tolerance and is extremely coordinated. It is an energy-saving product with good moisture resistance, convenient decoration works, and easy maintenance.

5. Moisture-proof in fish farm
The commonly used HDPE anti-seepage LDPE geomembrane for sale ponds are sterilized and convenient for dredging, which can greatly shorten the pond rest time of sun ponds and ponds, and are beneficial to manipulate the incidence and popularity of shrimp diseases and pests. The advantages have basically been borne by farmers.

Geomembrane Construction Quality and Safety Assurance Measures

Our company actually produces geomembrane manufacturers. Geomembrane has been widely used in the field of infrastructure construction and is gradually being applied to a wider range of fields. The following introduces the quality and safety assurance measures of geomembrane construction:

1. The wholesale LDPE geomembrane should meet the physical and mechanical performance indicators specified in the “Technical Specifications for Polyethylene (PE) Geomembrane Anti-seepage Engineering” (SL/T231-98).

2. Prevent the damage of geosynthetic materials during transportation and loading and unloading. After arriving at the construction site, store them in the warehouse to avoid sun exposure, prevent sticking into pieces, and minimize the number of loading and unloading.

3. The geosynthetic material should be pressed tightly against the foundation and support layer to avoid overhead and remove air bubbles to ensure safety.

4. To prevent large stones from rolling on the slope, and prevent mechanical handling damage to the environmental geomembrane manufacturers that have been laid. After the geosynthetics are spliced ​​and laid, they should be backfilled in time.

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