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Geomembrane Construction Requirements

When laying the geomembrane, technical support is required to complete it perfectly. Therefore, the construction unit should conduct an on-site inspection before laying and measure each piece of geomembrane anti-aging method. Then how should the laying of the geomembrane ensure its smoothness? Construction and use?

The ground must be corrected carefully before laying, and hard materials such as stones and glass on the ground must be cleaned up, which is also the most important requirement in engineering construction. Only in this way can the geomembrane have a good effect after construction.

Geomembrane Construction Requirements

Secondly, for the cutting of geomembrane models, as a professional engineering construction geomembrane, there is a certain price, so in order to avoid waste when cutting, it must be carried out after detailed calculations. Waste, do not cause difficulties in laying due to unreasonable cutting.

Certain maintenance after the laying of the geomembrane is also very necessary. The main characteristic of anti-seepage geomembrane just laid should avoid injuries caused by people walking on it too much. Only by laying in accordance with the above matters can we ensure the normal progress of construction and normal use after construction.

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