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Geomembrane Creep Principle And Density

Geomembrane has high density and low density, and high density is much better than low-density film. The allowable tensile strength of geosynthetics depends on creep and silk needle geotextile. As a building material, good physical properties and mechanical properties are required.

Strong bases and some of them also have corrosive salts, have better resistance to high temperature and low temperature, and also have good resistance. The long-life is much longer than that of ordinary low-density high quality textured geomembrane.

Low-density membranes can greatly reduce their longevity by facing strong acid and alkali. The internal molecular structure adapts to the new stress environment through deformation. It can be damaged without damage at 110 degrees Celsius.

Geomembrane is used in landfills, tailings storage yards, width and thickness specifications. Dam seepage prevention and subway engineering. There can be the ability to save precipitation so that the entire city is not too dry or too embarrassing.

Geomembrane Creep Principle And Density

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