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Geomembrane for Roof Waterproof Material

Many people are puzzled about whether the geomembrane can do the waterproof work of the roof. Generally speaking, if you want to meet the waterproof requirements of the roof, you need to use materials that can be waterproof. Is it waterproof?

Geomembrane is made of LDPE, LLDPE and EVA as raw materials, and is a product with anti-seepage and thermal insulation function produced by blown film or leaching film process. Based on this, we conclude that the low cost textured geomembrane can be waterproof.
So how to make waterproof on the roof? If the roof is flat and small in area, you can directly lay a geomembrane with a width of 6 meters and a length of 30 meters. If the area is larger than 6 meters, adjust the area of ​​your roof by cutting and welding.

Geomembrane for Roof Waterproof Material

Here it can be guaranteed that the current welding process is very mature, and the welded geomembrane still has a closed waterproof function. The editor recommends that geomembrane is the first choice for all functions that require waterproofing, which is based on the characteristics of use characteristics of composite geomembrane. Please see the characteristics of geomembrane below:

1. Good flexibility and high anti-seepage coefficient;

2. Good heat and cold resistance, wide operating temperature range (-70 degrees to 100 degrees);

3. Good chemical stability, strong acid and alkali resistance, and strong corrosion resistance;

4. It has strong weather resistance and excellent anti-aging performance;

5. High tensile strength and elongation at break index, strong strain, can be used in a variety of harsh geological and climatic conditions, especially in areas with uneven geologic settlement

From the perspective of construction and price, brief introduction of composite geomembrane is a relatively cost-effective material, and the construction of geomembrane is also very convenient and fast. The price also has market competitive advantages that other waterproof materials do not have. The roof waterproof material is still a very good choice.

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