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Geomembrane in Water-saving Projects

For the traditional water-saving engineering construction, the method of cement pouring is generally used. The cost of this method is huge, and it also greatly consumes human and material resources. But with the advancement of technology, today’s water-saving projects have begun to use geomembrane-type products, so how should the textured geomembrane for sale be used in water-saving projects?

In the application practice, a composite high quality textured geomembrane with a cloth and a film is laid on the full section of the channel lined concrete slab. The horizontal expansion joints in the reconstruction section are set every 4m. The horizontal expansion joints are consistent with the existing horizontal expansion joints. At the same time, the horizontal expansion joints are set at the junction of the new and old lining slabs and where the cross-section changes.

Geomembrane in Water-saving Projects

There are two longitudinal expansion joints along the intersection of the bottom plate and the arc foot. The section of the expansion joint is trapezoidal, with an upper mouth width of 3.0 cm and a lower mouth width of 2.0 cm. The expansion joint is sealed with cement mortar first, and then hot-filled with PVC mortar and sealed with cement mortar. Before laying the textured geomembrane factory price, the sundries on the base surface should be removed, and the geomembrane fixing ditch should be checked by the supervision engineer for a visa.

The geomembrane connection includes the connection between the geomembrane and the vertical anti-seepage, the self-adhesion of the geomembrane, the connection between the upper part of the geomembrane and the embankment capping platform or the reinforced concrete flood control wall. Geomembrane connection should first connect the low cost textured geomembrane with the vertical cut-off wall, and then connect the upper part of the geomembrane with the embankment roof or the reinforced concrete flood control wall.

Geomembrane joints that have been constructed should be properly protected to avoid mechanical damage by human factors. The bottom of the geomembrane is connected to the vertical anti-seepage wall, and the construction unit should wait for the completion of the construction of this section of the wall and receive the approval of the experience before the joint treatment can be carried out. When the bottom of the geomembrane is connected with the wall, the LDPE geomembrane factory price near the wall of the impervious wall should be folded 10cm to prevent the effect of uneven deformation of the foundation.

When the geomembrane construction is connected to the bottom, the construction unit should widen the structure of the 20cm geomembrane strip on the base joint boundary to strengthen the structure, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of water leakage. The choice of aquaculture geomembrane factory price also requires us to carry out It is only necessary to understand in advance.

Generally speaking, the use of rough surface geomembrane can greatly reduce the probability of landslide, because the surface friction coefficient is the surface shear strength and friction angle. When geomembrane construction is carried out, height is an important factor in shear strength, friction angle, and rough surface. For this, what details should be paid attention to when it is applied to HDPE geomembrane factory price construction?

If the shear strength and friction angle between the rough surface and other materials increase significantly, it will generally increase from 10 mils to 0.5 millimeters to 20 mils. When in contact with various geosynthetics, the range of friction angle and adhesion will also change.

When the rough surface height rises from 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm, the surface friction coefficient will also increase. At this time, the friction angle with different materials can be increased to enhance the stability of the slope, which can improve the landfill. Slope stability. Cutting must be carefully calculated so that problems due to cutting size can be avoided.

For the construction of the low price aquaculture geomembrane, we must pay attention to the follow-up maintenance work to avoid affecting the effect of the rough surface geomembrane because of the small details that are not paid attention to after the construction is completed. We should also pay attention to not put some on the membrane when performing geomembrane construction. Sharp objects, this is to prevent the membrane from being damaged.

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