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Geomembrane Market

As the environmental protection problem becomes more and more serious, the state’s requirements for environmental protection-related projects are also getting higher and higher, especially in the anti-seepage systems of domestic waste sanitary landfills, mining and petrochemical fields, which often require the use of imported high quality environmental geomembrane / Impervious membrane to ensure the quality and durability of the project.

However, for the price of imported geomembrane and the price of the imported anti-seepage membranes, many peers are confused. It can be said that the price of imported geomembrane is definitely higher than that of domestic geomembrane. The specific price is inconvenient to disclose here. At present, the network is developed, and you can contact the manufacturer to make a quotation. However, there are many different opinions that the price of imported geomembrane is high. Most of these opinions come from some construction units and general contractors who have already used imported geomembrane.

Because it seems to be more expensive than domestic geomembrane, it includes investment in production equipment and testing equipment, control of geomembrane quality, technical support during construction, etc., and these are all urgently needed to improve by domestic geomembrane manufacturers. Office. This is the difference between domestic aquaculture geomembrane factory prices and imported geomembrane. Specifically, there are the following points.

Most importantly, from the perspective of product raw materials, the imported geomembrane uses a new resin imported from the United States, while domestic geomembrane generally uses polyethylene general resin, and a large amount of recycled plastic is used to crush and dope production, which greatly reduces the product quality. Hidden dangers for the anti-seepage project.

In terms of production equipment, the imported geomembrane is fully computer-controlled and the most advanced fully automatic production equipment in the world. The product quality is very stable, while most of the domestic membranes are modified by equipment that produces plastic film bags. The investment cost is low and the product quality is extremely low. stable.

In terms of product quality, imported geomembrane 100% meets the international GRI-GM13 and China CJ / T234-2006 standards, while domestic geomembrane films generally use -10% thickness negative tolerances, which is far from the standard.

In terms of quality control, the imported high quality aquaculture geomembrane has been certified by the GAI-LAP laboratory of the IGS International Geosynthetic Materials Association. Each roll is tested and tracked. If it fails, it does not leave the factory. Test equipment, the test report naturally does not have any authenticity at all.

Finally, in terms of quality assurance, according to the specific application of the project, the imported geomembrane provides a certain period of quality assurance commitment, and each roll of the product is retained for reference according to the shelf life, but domestic membranes do not have a serious commitment to quality assurance, or provide It is not uncommon for false promises without a scientific basis to be closed and leave the factory.

At present, there are many counterfeit products on the market. Although they are cheap, they are all produced with recycled materials. The quality is very poor and life is very short. Although foreign products are slightly higher than domestic ones, they are reliable in quality. All new resins are used as raw materials. The indicators are strictly controlled to ensure that each roll of the film leaving the factory is of high quality. The imported wholesale HDPE geomembrane in the industry is more recognized by Canadian Soma. Strong technical support and rigorous quality inspection have established Soma as a leader in the geomaterials industry. The actual service life far exceeds the engineering design standards, and the cost performance is very high.

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