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Geomembrane Standard Composite Film

The warp-knitted composite geomembrane is made of synthetic fiber (or glass fiber) as a reinforcing material, and new geotechnical material is formed by composite with a composite geomembrane.

Features: Warp-knitted composite geomembrane is different from general low price China HDPE liner. The biggest feature is that the intersections of the warp and the weft are not bent, and each is in a straight state. Bundle the two together with a binding wire, which can be more evenly synchronized, withstand external forces, distribute stress, and when the applied external force tears the material instantaneously, the yarn will gather along the initial crack and increase the tear strength.

When the warp knitting is compounded, the warp knitting bundle is used to repeatedly travel between the weft yarn and the fiber layer of the geomembrane, so that the three are knitted into one. Therefore, the warp-knitted composite geomembrane has the characteristics of high tensile strength, low elongation, and waterproof performance of the geomembrane. Therefore, the warp-knitted composite geomembrane is an anti-seepage material with reinforcement, isolation, and protection. It is a high-level application of geocomposites in the world today.

Features: High tensile strength, low elongation, uniform longitudinal, and lateral deformation, high tear strength, excellent wear resistance, and strong water barrier.

Production Flow

The main function

1. Integrate anti-seepage and drainage into one, and have the functions of isolation and reinforcement.
2. High composite strength, high peel strength, and high puncture strength.
3. Strong drainage capacity, large friction coefficient and a small coefficient of linear expansion.
4. Good aging resistance, wide temperature range and stable quality.

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