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Geosynthetics are synthetic polymers

Composite geomembrane is an integral structure made of geomembrane and geotextile through extrusion, rolling, or spraying in the factory. It has membrane anti-seepage and fabric drainage functions, plays the role of membrane cushion, improves the engineering performance of the membrane, simplifies the construction procedure, and ensures the construction quality. It is an ideal impermeable material. As a new type of anti-seepage material HDPE geonet for sale, composite geomembrane has been applied in many small and medium-sized projects and has a tendency to replace traditional anti-seepage bodies such as clay core walls and clay inclined walls.

Geosynthetics is a synthetic polymer, generally divided into geomembrane or composite geomembrane, used to prevent leakage in dam projects! This material

main steps of impermeable membrane welding

The material has the following advantages: first, good integrity and standardized products; second, simple laying, fast construction progress; third, high tensile strength, adapt to the deformation of the dam; fourth, soft texture, can be closely integrated with the soil, Lightweight and convenient transportation; fifth, better anti-aging performance.

The laying of composite geomembrane requires that the membrane surface be flat, consistent with the foundation or slope wholesale bentonite geosynthetic clay liner, and the connecting edges should be stretched without wrinkles. A piece of cloth, a piece of film, the film side down, and the cloth side up. The composite geomembrane adopts membrane welding and cloth seam connection. The machines used are automatic crawling heat welding machines and portable packaging machines. The embankment geomembrane cushion, protective layer, and concrete slope protection project have specific requirements, and the segmented flow operation method is adopted for construction.

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