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Geotechnical Cell Construction Quality Control

As of now, there are many manufacturers selling geotechnical cells on the market, and the quality is uneven. The performance and index parameters of each product are different. Therefore, as a project purchaser, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the project. During the procurement process, you can compare goods and materials. In order to prevent adverse effects and cause losses to highway construction, you need to select a suitable low price HDPE geocell. Room to improve land carrying capacity.

Aggregate: The raw materials required for the project construction design need to be kept ventilated, clean and dry. All raw materials need to be inspected before the building is set, and those that do not meet the employment standards should be promptly withdrawn. The selection of crushed stone needs to grasp the particle size of the stone. The crushing value needs to be set in advance, always controlled below 28%, and the needle-like content must always be controlled at 13%. For particles smaller than 0.6, the liquid limit and plasticity index must be tested in time.

Water: The development of the project is inseparable from a large number of water sources. The design and construction of this project mainly depend on local river water.

Gradation design: In this project, the aggregate used for construction is selected, and it is screened in detail, and calculated according to the particle composition. After the calculation, the comparison value of the aggregate composition is obtained. For the grade of the composition mixture, Matching requirements need to meet the requirements.

At the same time, after the project has been tested, the various aggregate ratios of the project are set as follows: crushed stone with a particle size of 10-30mm: crushed stone with a particle size of 5-15mm: crushed stone with a size of 0-5mm; and the mass ratio of lime is determined as 29:33:38, where the maximum dry density is set at 2.26g/cm3 in the control of dry density, and the optimal water content is set at 4.9% in the water content control. After the gradation design is completed, the next process can be performed. Carry out.

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