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Geotextile Application Introduction

1. Drainage
Geotextile as a vertical and horizontal drainage system for earth dams, a barrier layer for the rise of underground capillary water in frost-sensitive areas; a capillary barrier layer for the flow of salt and lye in the dry ground; and a hinged concrete block Baselayer for slope protection.

2. Anti-filtering
Under the gravel base of sidewalks and airport roads or under the gravel drainage layer under railway tracks, around underground drainage pipes with holes, in the production of landfill leachate protect the geonet to prevent soil particles from invading and protect the geotechnical composite materials and prevent soil Particle intrusion.

3. Reinforcement and protective materials
Soft ground for embankments, railways, landfills and sports fields, for the manufacture of geotechnical bags, for the reinforcement of embankments, earth dams, and slopes, to increase the bearing capacity of shallow foundations, to reinforce piles on pile foundations, to prevent The foundation soil penetrates the geomembrane to prevent impurities or stone layer geomembrane in the landfill from being punctured. Due to the high frictional resistance, the slope of the composite geomembrane is better stabilized.

4. Isolation between different materials
Between subgrade and foundation, between railway subgrade and road, between landfill and gravel base, between geomembrane and sandy drainage layer, between foundation and embankment, between foundation soil and foundation pile Between the sidewalk parking lot and the sports ground, between the poorly graded filters and the drainage layer, between the different areas of the earth dam, and between the old and new asphalt layers.

Geotextile Application Introduction

The above is the geotextile effect we introduced to you in detail. In fact, the high quality filament nonwoven geotextile is divided into woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile, the former is woven from monofilament or multifilament or film, and the cut flat yarn is the latter woven It is randomly laid by short fibers or long fibers into cotton batting, and then entangled (needle punched) or thermally or chemically bonded by mechanical methods.

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