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Geotextile Characteristics

Geotextile Performance Characteristics
High strength, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, flexibility and ductility, easy to use construction effect for road, railway dam, beach paint and other reinforcement, filtration, protection, isolation, and drainage geotextile application introduction. Especially suitable for saline-alkali swamps and landfills. Reverse filtration: It can be used as a filter layer for dams, rivers, coasts, concrete slopes, retaining walls, etc., while allowing dirt particles to pass, allowing water or gas to pass freely.

Isolation: It can be used to isolate railway slag and subgrade, subgrade and soft ground, airport and parking lot surface, foundation and different dam materials, and two different types of soil sand and gravel, foundation, or other buildings are isolated.

Geotextile Characteristics

Reinforcement: used for highways, railways, earth-rock dams, breakwaters, airports, backfilling of retaining walls quality identification of filament geotextile, slopes and other projects to disperse soil stress, prevent lateral movement of soil, and improve soil stability.

Protection: It can be used to prevent the erosion of wind, tide, and rain, as well as river bank protection and bottom protection to prevent soil erosion. Geotextiles have good water-conducting properties. It can form a drainage channel inside the soil, discharge excess liquid, and gas in the soil structure, use the geotextile to enhance the tensile strength and deformation resistance of the soil, and can enhance the building performance. Stable structure and improve soil quality.

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