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Geotextile has good anti-seepage performance and good isolation effect

Geotextile is a new type of building material in the current project, with good anti-seepage performance and good isolation effect, so it is usually used in reinforcement and protection projects. We compared the anti-seepage performance of this polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price with the anti-seepage performance of ordinary concrete materials, which can achieve low-cost, simple construction, and a short construction period. Therefore, this material is widely used in engineering. The main construction objects of geotechnical engineering are rock mass and land, and its protection and reinforcement works will be affected in many ways, which will inevitably increase the construction difficulty of the project.

geotextile has good anti seepage performance and good isolation effect

In protection engineering, due to different projects, the goals to be achieved are also different. For example, in the protection of rivers and lakes, the main purpose is to avoid seepage, cracks, and even bank slope collapse caused by water erosion. The protective measures are taken in this regard mainly include the following points:

(1) Slope protection. This method is to lay a certain thickness of anti-erosion material along the bank slope of the river and lake, which is beneficial to avoid the erosion of the bank slope by the flowing water and ensure its impermeability;

(2) Dam revetment. In other words, the spur dike was built to separate the water flow from the dam along the dam structure to prevent the water flow from washing the dam. This method is suitable for bank protection projects of wandering rivers;

(3) Wall revetment. In other words, build a vertical retaining wall along the banks of rivers and lakes. This method is mainly suitable for urban river protection or coastal protection projects;

(4) Composite revetment. This method is to organically combine various forms of revetment to achieve the effect of anti-seepage.

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