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Geotextiles generally use splicing methods

Technical requirements for geotextile connection

1. Technical requirements. Geotextiles are generally spliced by splicing, all splicing must be continuous, and spot welding is not allowed. Any “missing stitches” on the sewn geotextile must be re-stitched in the affected area.

2. Personnel requirements. The sewing of geotextiles is the basis to ensure the integrity of the project, which requires the implementation personnel to have good professional qualities and pay attention to training and training skilled workers.

Geotextiles generally use splicing methods

3. Inspection requirements. The on-site inspection of the geotextile connection should be carried out with the construction progress, and the next process can only be carried out after the inspection is qualified. The construction unit shall record the location of each joint in detail and keep it as a reference. The engineering supervision engineer shall earnestly perform the supervision responsibilities, follow up and inspect the geotextile construction, and make a record of the side station.

4. Defect handling. Defective geotextile pieces and seams must be clearly marked on the geotextile and repaired.

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