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HDPE Geomembrane Acceptance Test Method

After welding the HDPE geomembrane, observe whether there is any leakage welding. After the construction, carry out a sample check. Every 1000m2 impermeable membrane structure, use a test piece to check whether the joint is scalded, whether there are wrinkles and whether the splicing is uniform. For the tensile strength test, The fracture energy of the sample is at the junction.

HDPE film should be accurately measured before cutting. The overlap width of the seam between the film and the film is usually not less than 10cm. Generally, it should not be cut according to the size shown in the figure. It should be recorded in detail on the special form.

The pressure test adopts the inflation method to test all welds, observe the vacuum gauge if leaked welds are found, find the cause and problems in time and repair in time, laying process of anti-seepage geomembrane test requires a pass rate of 100%, and strictly implement the engineering design standards and accept an examination.

HDPE Geomembrane Acceptance Test Method

The anti-seepage layer is the most important layer in the horizontal anti-seepage system. Its function is to apply the HDPE geomembrane anti-seepage technology to the landfill. The anti-seepage layer with broad development prospects can also prevent surface water and groundwater from entering the landfill.

The anti-leakage feature of the composite geomembrane has been used on various occasions. The surface layer needs to be laid with some gravel. Rolling and laying in the stone processing process have very high requirements for automobiles.

If the particles of the gravel are too large, you must handle the gravel while protecting the membrane, and break the stone into small stones. The operation must be cautious and not brutal.

During the cutting process, the construction environment should be investigated. For the cables in the environment, the size should be reasonably planned. Under the premise of ensuring quality, the size of the construction environment should be measured.

It should also be noted that the temperature of the welding machine is very high during welding, the width of the HDPE geomembrane laying plan should be adjusted, the line should be straight, and the wire and switch should always be within the controllable range.

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