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HDPE Geomembrane Specifications and Usage Instructions

HDPE anti-seepage film is made of high-density polyethylene resin, which is melted, extruded and calendered into a waterproof barrier material at high temperature. The colors are white and black. Wide: 1-8 meters. Film thickness: 0.30-4.00 mm. Widely used in domestic waste landfill anti-seepage, solid waste landfill anti-seepage, sewage treatment plant anti-seepage, artificial lake anti-seepage, tailings treatment, and other anti-seepage projects.

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The price of HDPE geomembrane products of one square meter is determined according to the thickness and quality standards of HDPE impermeable membrane. The same thickness of HDPE geomembrane differs depending on the quality level. HDPE anti-seepage film is usually expressed at the time of sale: ex-factory price, tax-included price, arrival price, etc., calculated in square meters or in tons. The price is composed of the price of the raw materials required for the production of HDPE geomembrane and the cost of the processed products of the geomembrane manufacturer, the sum of the sales and transportation costs. The ups and downs of raw materials directly affect the fluctuation of HDPE geomembrane prices.

Geomembrane manufacturers said that under normal circumstances, it is one square meter, ranging from 3 yuan to 50 yuan.

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