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HDPE Waterproof Board is More Suitable for Tunnel Anti-seepage

The anti-seepage material of the tunnel project is mainly HDPE waterproof board. The quality control of the waterproof material is strengthened to ensure the quality of the railway tunnel project. The reasons for the leakage of the railway tunnel are various. The main reasons are: the waterproof design is not comprehensive, and the quality of the waterproof material is not qualified. The quality control of construction is not in place. The dimple drainage board for sale used in tunnel construction has the disadvantages of low tensile strength, low elongation, insufficient puncture resistance, poor weldability, insufficient corrosion resistance and insufficient bonding strength with the base layer.

In addition, the improper choice of tunnel concrete waterproofing admixture also has an adverse effect on the strength, processability and curing shrinkage of tunnel concrete, which leads to a decline in engineering quality and is an important cause of tunnel leakage.

HDPE Waterproof Board is More Suitable for Tunnel Anti-seepage

The national standard waterproof board is made of HDPE polymer. In order to facilitate the construction, the width is 2-4 meters and the thickness is greater than 1.5mm. Manufactured, it requires mass per unit area and ≥300g/m2 and has good water conductivity, chemical stability, and durability.

Fixing the waterproof board is an important construction link that directly affects the construction effect. If it is a separate waterproof board produced by dimple drainage board manufacturers, please fix it with an electric welding machine, then melt the waterproof board with a plastic gasket, and then glue it together, if the bottom is large And protruding, the fixing point should be added at the change of section to make the waterproof board and the concrete surface tightly bonded together to ensure the fixing effect. The waterproof board is usually used for the surface of the waterproof board at the hot-melt welding joint of double weld Hot-melt treatment and heat fusion of the waterproof board through the pressure of the roller.

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