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How to Better Identify The Inferior Quality of Filament Geotextile

Different manufacturers of the same product will still produce certain differences. Filament geotextile is a product with long service life and is not prone to damage, but the service life of filament geotextile produced by different manufacturers is indeed The main reason is that the quality of the filament nonwoven geotextile manufacturers produced varies greatly, so how can we better identify the inferior quality of the filament geotextiles?

1. Raw materials. It is made of new materials. If it is inferior filament geotextile, it is made of recycled materials. The filament geotextile made of new materials is produced by drawing polyester chip particles. from. From the perspective of color, it is very white, and the color looks relatively good. The color of the high quality polyester nonwoven geotextile made of recycled materials is a bit dull. If the goods are good or not, you need to compare them to know.

2. Smell. If the filament geotextile made of new materials is of high quality, it does not smell very much, but the filament geotextile made of recycled materials, because it contains some ingredients, is strongly stimulating. Sexual smell.

3. Machine detection. The inspection of the quality of filament geotextiles requires the use of conventional testing equipment. The filament polyester nonwoven geotextile manufacturers produced by the new materials are in full compliance with national standards, but the filament geotextiles produced from recycled materials are necessarily lower than the relevant national standards.

How to Better Identify The Inferior Quality of Filament Geotextile

There are high and low prices for filament geotextiles in the market. You must first consider the quality of polypropylene nonwoven geotextile for sale when purchasing. After comparing a number of factors, you will consider the price factors and choose good quality. The price is relatively cheap. That’s fine, it’s probably the best result.

Geotextile is a water-absorbent geosynthetic material made of artificial fibers based on needles or crochets. It is a common application in various types of construction today. It must be used according to certain methods in decoration projects. In order to ensure The quality of high quality polypropylene nonwoven geotextile for decoration works usually must be inspected for certain characteristics of geomembrane.

1. Tensile strength: In the tensile test, the large tensile stress that the sample receives until it breaks is the tensile strength.
2. Elongation: The elongation is the percentage of the ratio of the total deformation of the gauge segment after the tensile fracture to the original gauge length.
3. Tear strength: tear the test specimens with specified cracks on a special testing machine.
4. Bursting strength: the maximum jacking pressure that can be withstood by the cylindrical jack of the CBR instrument evenly and vertically pressed against the plane of geosynthetic material
5. Thickness: It is used to test the thickness of geotextile produced by polypropylene nonwoven geotextile manufacturers synthetic materials under different pressures and prescribed compression time.
6. Mass per unit area: cut 10 samples with an area of ​​10,000 square centimeters, weigh the cut samples in the order of number, and the reading is accurate to 0, 01g.
7. Permeability coefficient: Permeability coefficient is also called the hydraulic conductivity coefficient. It is defined as the unit flow rate under the unit hydraulic gradient in the homogeneous medium, which indicates the difficulty of the fluid passing through the pore skeleton.

How to Better Identify The Inferior Quality of Filament Geotextile

The quality of the geotextile tested after the above matters are completely guaranteed, and it can be completely assured when it is used. The filament nonwoven geotextile factory price is widely welcomed by people because of the above good performance, and it also makes the quality of the products on the market uneven. Qi, so we must keep our eyes open when buying.

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