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How to Construct Geomembrane to Make it Better

Geomembrane is the most used anti-seepage material in many construction projects, but if the construction is not correct, it will directly affect its anti-seepage effect. How can the anti-seepage geomembrane be used during construction? Is the anti-seepage effect better?

Excavation of foundation, clearing of foundation and construction of cushion.
1. Foundation treatment: use excavator for earth excavation according to the design elevation, seepage control elevation is controlled at 800mm under the design river bottom, cleaning the HDPE geomembrane factory price laying surface requires the substrate to be flat, the soil is solid, not uneven, cracks, etc., there must be no sharp objects , Stones, iron wire, wooden sticks, etc., the turf and tree roots within the impervious area should be removed, and the weeds should be sprayed with herbicides.

2. Lay the sand or clay layer with a small particle size as the protective layer on the contact surface with the wholesale HDPE geomembrane. The thickness of the protective layer should not be less than 30cm.

Geotextile construction inspection

The construction procedure of geomembrane is: laying → welding welds together → welding → on-site inspection → repair → re-inspection → backfill soil → sand cover.
1. Membrane laying: The sloping wall high quality aquaculture geomembrane is laid from the top of the embankment to the slope foot, and the horizontal covering is laid from the slope foot to the outer end. When spreading the film, pay attention to Zhang Chi to avoid stress concentration and man-made damage. When laying, it is required that the joint surface of the film and the foundation cushion layer should be even and flat, and there should be no folds protruding in the upstream and downstream directions. The construction procedure of the connection between two cloths and one film is as follows: film laying → welding film → seam bottom fabric → overlaying → sewing upper layer fabric.

2. Welding film: The connection of the film is welded, and the side of 10cm is reserved, and the welding machine is used for connection. The machine consists of two pieces of electric iron, the belt wheel presses through the adhesive tape, rolls the plastic film, and welds into two thick 10mm welding wires, and the net distance between the two wires is 16mm. Before welding, the sand, mud and other debris on the membrane surface must be removed to ensure that the aquaculture geomembrane factory price surface is clean. The membrane and membrane joints should be laid flat before welding.

3. Sewing cloth: The seam of the geomembrane geotextile is connected in time. The seam of the hand-sealing machine is used. The seam surface needs to be moderately natural and smooth to ensure the joint force of the film cloth.
It should also be noted that when welding, the operator of the welding machine should observe the welding quality at any time, adjust the welding temperature and walking speed according to the change of the ambient temperature, the general temperature is adjusted to 250-300 ℃, the speed is 2-3m / min. After the completion of each weld textured geomembrane for sale, a quality inspection is carried out immediately. The inspection method is mainly visual inspection. If a problem is found, repair the weld immediately after making the mark.

How to construct geomembrane

The methods used in the construction inspection of geotextiles are mainly the quality control of the raw materials on the ground, the progress of the earthmoving operation, and the quality testing of the earthwork completion. The grasp of these aspects is the key to the quality of the construction. So what should be done? What?

1. The quality of raw materials to be used in the field of synthetic geotextile must have decent documents required by the manufacturer, functional and characteristic guidelines and application notes.

2. The process of earth-moving operation. Grasp the geotextile organization imagination before the construction of the high quality textured geomembrane, and indicate the construction method and skill method. After supervision approves the application in advance, the earth-moving personnel should wear flat-bottomed shoes or soft rubber-soled shoes to stop the construction. In order to prevent stepping on the appearance of the geotextile, the geotextile construction should be in harmony with the construction of the protective layer.

3. The quality of the welding seam of the geotextile in splicing is the key to splicing. The detection method in the moving soil has a grass measurement method and second, leak detection on the spot.

For geotextile construction, it is best not to have some sharp objects on the cloth. This is to avoid that the sharp objects cause certain damage to the LDPE geomembrane manufacturers. When buying geotextile, we should also be able to correspond to it. A certain understanding of performance is required.

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