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How to Deal With The Place Where the Geomembrane is Punctured

At that time, when people carried out geomembrane engineering construction, the geomembrane was pierced due to various reasons, so what should you do when you encounter such a thing? Do you want to throw away the high quality filament nonwoven geotextile immediately? That is a luxury and a waste of costs, so do people have any reasonable treatment for the pierced geomembrane?

The geomembrane and the middle of the membrane and the middle of the membrane and the reference point should be flat and tight, but it is not suitable for pulling the membrane too tightly, usually a little looser, but it should not leave bubbles at the bottom of the membrane. Because the filament nonwoven geotextile for sale is thinner and lighter, it is most likely to be blown by the wind before the thickness of the protective layer is laid, so the total area of ​​the film is not suitable for a large number of times. It is best to cover the thickness of the protective layer while laying the film.

How to Deal With The Place Where the Geomembrane is Punctured

The geomembrane width is 1.3-1.7m, and the 1.7m width is used to reduce the material of the connector. The connector has thermal adhesive, viscose, steel bar overlapping, and other methods, and the design scheme uses a 60 mm wide seam at the viscose joint. If you find that the peculiarity of the polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price is torn or torn apart, it must be repaired with five times the total area of ​​the damaged geomembrane adhesive.

When the geomembrane encounters a pierced condition at the time of construction, the effect of all waterproof layers will be reduced. Therefore, the geomembrane must be resolved immediately after the piercing condition is generated.

For the chemical fiber with inseparable adhesive fiber scrubbing the abrasive cloth with fine sandpaper, the tensile strength and tensile strength of the wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile that fully considers such natural environmental conditions will be reduced. If the chemical fibers are wiped off, the thickness of the plastic film will be reduced even after scrubbing.

If the geomembrane that does not save a quantity is surging and collapsing when paving the geomembrane, the geomembrane is very easy to collapse due to the cold collapse of the ultra-low temperature south, resulting in weld cracking.

The following will briefly introduce how to deal with the cracking problem of ultra-low temperature workers’ polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale and how to build geomembrane.
1. The raw material configuration of the geomembrane is used to produce the geomembrane with initial raw materials because the raw materials of the initial raw materials ensure the tolerance and elongation of the geomembrane. The capital construction in the ultra-low temperature northern region is stronger.

2. When paving the geomembrane, the geomembrane of the unopened city should be placed in a specific location in advance to avoid the geomembrane being dragged back after the low cost textured geomembrane is flattened. When paving geomembrane, wrinkles and wrinkles should be avoided as much as possible, and the supporting force should not be too tight. And save the necessary surging and gathering to avoid welding cracks caused by thermal deformation and gathering.

How to Deal With The Place Where the Geomembrane is Punctured

After paving the geomembrane, press the sandbag soil on top to avoid the wind blowing the high quality textured geomembrane. If the goods are transported on the paved geomembrane, a thick steel plate with a thickness of 5 mm should be paved on the geomembrane as a safe passage and laser-cut steel plate. Paved geotextiles are used for maintenance to avoid damage to the geomembrane caused by industrial equipment.

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