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How to Effectively Reduce the Construction Cost of Geomembrane

In the construction process, our common geomembrane is a black geomembrane. In addition to black, there are many different colors such as white, blue, red, and green. The black geomembrane on the market is compared with other geomembranes of several colors. The market share of the membrane is the largest. It can be said that the amount of black geomembrane produced by aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers is the most extensive. Do you know what factors affect the price of such a wide range of black geomembrane?

1. The price of black geomembrane mainly depends on the grade standard. Common standards include national standard and non-standard. The national standard is divided into urban construction standards, iron construction standards, new national standards, and old national standards. Generally, we use the national standard. The non-standard standards are not listed here one by one. Those who are interested can check the content online.

2. The price of the low price aquaculture geomembrane is also determined by the specifications of the membrane. Different specifications have a great influence on the price. The common specifications range from 0.1mm to 3.0mm. The price also changes according to the specifications of the membrane. The higher the specification The film price is higher.

3. The appearance of black geomembrane is commonly divided into bright surface geomembrane, rough surface geomembrane, and resident geomembrane. For the same specification geomembrane price, the price of bright surface geomembrane is the lowest compared to that of resident point geomembrane and rough The price of surface wholesale environmental geomembrane also increases sequentially.

How to Effectively Reduce the Construction Cost of Geomembrane

Based on the above three factors, I believe you should have understood the factors that affect the price of black geomembrane. In addition to the above factors affecting the price of geomembrane, there is another important factor that is the raw material. The impact of the market price fluctuations in the external market on the price of black LDPE geomembrane for sale.

Geomembrane is a relatively common construction material. The general geomembrane is produced in one piece. In the actual use process, we may need to cut the geomembrane. Sometimes, it will be caused by the cutting method. The waste of geomembrane, in order to better save the cost of geomembrane, we must pay attention to certain methods and methods when actually laying and cutting high quality LDPE geomembrane.

1. When there is a problem with the geomembrane, as a professional construction worker, it must be capable of repairing. When cutting construction, be sure to carry out field surveys on the construction site before cutting.

2. The conditions that the base of the geomembrane construction must meet:
Since the high quality environmental geomembrane construction needs to be carried out on a flat base, the base must be adjusted before construction. The construction base must meet the following requirements:
(1) The base should be processed once, all the stones and glass in the base should be cleaned up, and then tamped up after the cleanup.
(2) Only after a good cut can we ensure that there will be no problems caused by unreasonable cutting during construction.
(3) Design all kinds of water outlets in advance, so as to ensure that it will avoid greater troubles during secondary rework.

How to Effectively Reduce the Construction Cost of Geomembrane

3. The construction technology of high quality aquaculture geomembrane needs to be strictly followed. Construction in different environments requires good design in order to achieve good results. The correct construction should be carried out in accordance with the following steps.
(1) The base must be treated before construction. Only the treated base can ensure that the geomembrane will not be damaged by the environment of the base during construction.
(2) During the construction of geomembrane, there are strict requirements for cutting and laying methods. Cutting should be carried out through rigorous calculations to avoid problems due to cutting size.
(3) In any wholesale HDPE geomembrane construction process, we must pay attention to the maintenance work after construction to avoid affecting the effect of the geomembrane due to the lack of attention to small details after construction.

In the process of using geomembrane, as long as people pay a little attention in construction, they will save a lot of materials, so that the cost of geomembrane can be effectively controlled, and the welding of geomembrane also requires a certain method and a good welding method It can well reduce the use of high quality textured geomembrane, and repair the damaged geomembrane as much as possible and then use it, which is also a method to effectively reduce construction costs.

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