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How to Save Material in Geomembrane Greening Project

Greening the ecological environment has always been called for by the society. Geomembrane has attracted public attention in this project. At the same time, the ecological slope protection engineering system adopts soft materials to build flexible slopes and retaining walls and completes the planar greening of reservoirs and banks The true performance project is to establish an ecological green project that is guaranteed, energy-saving, living and will breathe deeply in the Southern District. The project does not require high energy consumption and high pollution such as steel bones, lime, stones, and other hard materials. It can also be used to repair vertical or near-vertical pen steep rock slopes, platoons, and reservoirs.

What is the principle of geomembrane for greening on three-dimensional, slope and high slope?

First, the environmental geomembrane factory price enables moisture to convect each other in the bag and bag soil. This tide is the long-term loss of moisture required by vegetation, and it will never cause fruit or soil loss due to rain or watering.

Secondly, geomembrane requires a realistic seeding block for green plants. Impervious to water, the grass can grow from the outside and can grow in the name. It is very good for vegetation. The root system of vegetation can grow freely between bags. The root system firmly combines each geomembrane. Into a stable and permanent ecological slope.

Do not stretch the geomembrane too tightly. The ends embedded in the soil are corrugated. Finally, the HDPE geomembrane factory price is paved with a fine sand or clay layer of a 10cm transition layer. Lay 20-30cm stone (or concrete prefabricated block) as a shock protection layer.

During construction, every effort should be made to prevent stones from directly hitting the geomembrane, and it is best to construct the protective layer while laying the membrane. The connection between the composite geomembrane and the surrounding structure should be anchored by expansion bolts and steel plate strips, and the joint should be painted with emulsified asphalt (2mm thick) to prevent leakage.

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