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Human Factors Crawling Should Produce Dents During Geomembrane Engineering Construction

The following raw materials are generally selected for drainage and reverse maintenance under textured geomembrane for sale: geotechnical mat, three-dimensional composite drainage network, graded sandstone foundation cushion, and crushed stone drainage layer.

1. Geotextile

The floor mat is a new geosynthetic material made by melting and laying random wire mesh. It has a high-pressure test and a high relative density of punching and has the functions of multi-directional water collection and horizontal drainage. The total width is generally 100 ~ 200 cm, the thickness is 6 ~ 20 cm, and the tensile strength is 80 ~ 500 kPa. The specifications, models, and characteristics of other commodities can be customized according to the regulations of the project.

After the geotextile is combined with the geotechnical industry, in the closed soil layer of the landfill, the precipitation seeping into the soil layer or the wastewater discharged from the dump itself will be collected, and the sewage will be discharged from the interlayer of the geotextile in an orderly manner according to the engineering regulations, which is not easy Siltation occurs. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the resistance problem caused by moisture absorption and saturation of the soil layer. When the geotextile mat is used with high-density polyethylene LDPE geomembrane for sale, it can also keep the high-density polyethylene membrane from being punctured. Its main advantages are high water permeability, good drainage, and strong anti-topping ability. The disadvantage is that there are many splicing seams of small-width and wide-width geotextiles, which are easy to cause large gaps and become weak points of load-bearing; due to limited transportation, that is, limited length, it is impossible to transport large widths with wire rope drums with too long winding lengths Geogrid is not conducive to rapid road construction. In addition, due to the raw material of the mat, its thickness is too thick. At this time, the road surface is prone to local bending deformation, resulting in poor surface smoothness after paving, which is not conducive to the construction of geomembrane electric welding engineering.

Human Factors Crawling Should Produce Dents During Geomembrane Engineering Construction

2. Three-dimensional composite geotechnical drainage network

A three-dimensional composite drainage network is a new material popular in recent years. The key is to composite the wholesale LDPE geomembrane on the front and back of the three-dimensional geotextile (polyethylene plastic), which can replace the traditional pebble and gravel layers. At present, it has gradually gained market application in construction engineering and waste disposal engineering. Three-dimensional composite drainage network using polyethylene plastic as raw material

The unique generator extruded ribs, the three ribs are arranged at a certain distance and angle of view to form a three-dimensional structure with drainage channels. The middle rib has high rigidity and forms a rectangular frame safety drainage channel. The three-layer ribs forming the drainage net have high transverse and longitudinal compressive strength and tensile strength. The drainage guide grooves generated between the three-layer ribs are not easy to deform under high load, which can prevent the geotextile from being placed on the geotextile core In order to ensure smooth drainage.

3. Graded sandstone foundation cushion

The graded sand-based cushion is fine sand with a uniform grade, which needs to be sieved with powder. Fine stones with a particle size exceeding 4 mm and a thickness of 20 to 30 cm are not allowed. Its main advantage is good reliability; the disadvantage is that the construction difficulty coefficient of precipitation damage project is high, the compactness of rolling is difficult, and human factors crawling during the construction of the environmental geomembrane manufacturers project will cause dents. In addition, there is no pure natural river sand near the project, and fine sand must be purchased, resulting in long transportation distances and increased costs.

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