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Influence of Shear Characteristics of Composite Geomembrane on Stability

In the industrial production process, some waste liquid is often produced. Draining the waste liquid into an evaporation pond with an impermeable layer can not only avoid environmental pollution caused by the direct discharge of the waste liquid but also can extract salt from the waste liquid through evaporation and crystallization, which brings economic benefits. In areas lacking natural anti-seepage layers such as clay, synthetic materials such as geomembrane are usually used as the anti-seepage layer of the evaporation pond.

The anti-sliding stability of the geomembrane anti-seepage body of the upstream slope of the dam, the influence of the shear characteristics of the composite geomembrane on the stability, the internal stress of the membrane-soil combination anti-seepage rockfill dam, and the different anchorage forms on the membrane stress and deformation The sensitivity analysis of the dam body and dam foundation material parameters on the stress and deformation of the geomembrane, the overall settlement and lateral deformation of the valley-type extended landfill on the impervious layer, etc.

Geomembrane Construction Quality and Safety Assurance Measures

The anti-seepage structure of the evaporation pond is similar or the same as that of the solid waste landfill, and is mainly composed of foundation, anti-seepage layer, and protective layer. However, there are essential differences between these two materials. The material stored in the evaporation pond is liquid, and the solid waste landfill is mainly solid with a small amount of liquid. Although the reservoir mainly stores liquid, the anti-seepage structure in the dam is very different from the evaporation pond, and it is difficult to provide a direct reference for the analysis of the mechanical properties of the geomembrane anti-seepage layer on the bank slope of the evaporation pond.

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