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Installation Of 3D Geonet

About the installation process of 3D geonet. Tai’an Taidong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. have some professional advice.

1. 3D geonet should be laid along the slope from top to bottom on the slope, the network and the slope to maintain smooth combination.

2. The embedded 3D geonet network on the top of the slope to extend 40~80cm, buried in the soil and compaction.

3. The anchoring use 3d mesh bottom-up ф 6 mm above the u-shaped steel three-dimensional net fixed, u-shaped steel about 15 ~ 30cm long, about 8mm wide, u-shaped bar spacing is about 1.5 ~ 2.5m, with 8 middle ﹟ U nails or bamboo nail to assist fixed.

Of covering soil three-dimensional vegetation network laid, the soil will be evenly covered in the three-dimensional vegetation network, the network cover, until there is no empty bag, ensure that the three-dimensional vegetation network soil thickness is not less than 12mm. Then fertilizer, auxin, cement according to a certain proportion of mixed evenly, sprinkle on the surface.Fertilizer N: p: k = 15:15:15 or N: p: k = 10:8:7 compound fertilizer containing N and organic matter, fertilizer consumption of about 30 ~ 50 g/㎡.

Installation Of 3D Geonet

Folding Spray Seeding
After the backfill of the covering soil is completed, the hydraulic spraying seeding is carried out, that is, the grass seeds (about 25 grams per square) and the adhesion agent, wood fiber, fertilizer, growth hormone, moisturizer and water that promote its growth are mixed and mixed in a certain proportion to form a uniform mixture, which is sprayed evenly on the slope surface by the hydraulic spraying machine.

Folding Cover
After the construction of spraying seeding and grass planting, the non-woven cloth is covered on the surface of the slope to maintain the moisture of the slope and reduce the erosion of seeds by rainfall, so as to promote the growth of seeds. If the temperature is too high, no need to cover, to avoid the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Folding Maintenance Management
After the completion of the spraying, it is necessary to maintain the lawn regularly until it becomes flat. When the lawn grows to about 5cm, the non-woven fabric can be opened.

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