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Installation Of GCL For Landfill

Due to the large construction area and long working time of the laying field, a reasonable construction plan must be formulated.

The construction of waterproof pad should be carried out in several working faces and should be coordinated with the construction of HDPE film.

1. Landfill engineering is suitable for the wide, large volume of the waterproof pad, laying should be used mechanical construction.

2. Block area for waterproof pad laid.

3. The slope of the larger slope can be fixed with plastic anchor nails.

4. When laying should make a waterproof pad of non-woven fabric face down (that is, toward the cushion side), woven cloth face up.

5. All have laid the waterproof pad GCL geosynthetic clay liner, must be completed on the day of the construction of its upper layer HDPE film, to ensure that will not be due to rain and snow weather or the sun exposure and make waterproof pad lose waterproof effect, so the request in advance to develop a reasonable construction plan.

6. If the landfill design only with a single layer of the waterproof pad (Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liner) as an impermeable layer, in the waterproof pad laid after completion, should be completed on the same day the construction of backfill and compaction.

Recommended waterproof pad lap width 30cm.

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