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Laying Process of Anti-seepage Geomembrane

Paving of anti-seepage geomembrane
1. The acceptance letter of the acceptance project of the corresponding civil engineering construction shall be completed before the anti-seepage geomembrane is paved.

2. Before cutting the anti-seepage geomembrane film, the relevant external dimensions should be accurately measured, and then cut according to the specific, generally not suitable for cutting according to the outline size of the schematic diagram application of geomembrane in biogas digester, it should be coded piece by piece and recorded on the special report.

3. When laying anti-seepage geomembrane, it is necessary to weld at least. Under the premise of quality and quantity, the raw materials are saved as much as possible. It is also easy to maintain quality and quantity.

4. The joint distance between the film and the film indirect joints is generally not less than 10cm. Generally, the welding sequence orientation is parallel to the highest slope, that is, the sequence is along with the slope orientation.

Laying process of anti-seepage geomembrane

5 Generally, the corners and deformed positions should be as short as possible. Except for special requirements, on steep slopes with a slope exceeding 1: 6, within the range of 1.5 meters from the top slope or internal stress area, welding is not possible as much as possible.

6. In the pavement of the anti-seepage geomembrane excellent performance of composite geomembrane, artificial wrinkles should be avoided. When the temperature is low, it should be as tight as possible and paved.

7. After the completion of the anti-seepage geomembrane, try to avoid walking on the membrane surface, transporting special tools, etc. Anything that can harm the membrane should not be placed on the membrane or moved around the membrane to prevent the membrane from being damaged. It causes accidental damage.

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