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Laying Process of Block Storage and Drainage Board

1. Clean up the rubbish and cement on the laying site to make sure there is no obvious unevenness on the site. The outdoor garage roof and roof garden need to have a slope of 2-5 ‰.

2. Roof greening and outdoor garage roof greening can be used with porous seepage pipes so that the water discharged from the dimple drainage board for sale can be concentrated on nearby sewers or nearby urban sewers.

3. The block drainage board has a hollow in the middle, so the root blocking effect of the block drainage board is affected. In some designs, a layer of roof insulation is laid under the drainage board (the plant has the function of root resistance). The floor is tiled, and the block-shaped storage and drainage board is laid on top. The laying of the storage and drainage board is very simple. The built-in lap buckle of the product can be used; The drainage plate is laid down with the convex point downward, so as to achieve its storage and drainage functions.

4. Lay non-woven fabric on top of the water storage and drainage board. Other matters needing attention: Some designs have a root layer and a geonet; the sequence is: root layer → storage and drainage board → geotextile (non-woven fabric) → backfill soil; the dimple drainage board manufacturers is laid out in this order, and generally the root layer 2. Geonets can be omitted if they are not required for use; however, drainage boards and non-woven fabrics are required geotechnical materials.

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