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Lower Anchorage of Composite Geomembrane

Anchorage at the lower end of composite geomembrane: Unlike other building materials, geomembrane is a fragile building material. Therefore, during construction, construction and other personnel should try to avoid damaging the environmental geomembrane for sale to avoid unnecessary losses to the project. Therefore, the construction workers are required not to do anything on the laid geotextiles that hurts the geotextiles. The work shoes worn by the construction workers and the construction equipment used should not damage the geotextiles. Construction and other personnel should not smoke or use the geotextiles nearby. Sharp tools poke geotextiles, etc.

The composite geomembrane (composite impervious membrane) is divided into one cloth, one membrane and two cloths, one membrane. The width is 4-6m, the weight is 200-1500g / m2, and the physical and mechanical performance indicators such as tensile, tear-resistance and bursting. High, the product has high strength, good elongation performance, large deformation modulus, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good permeability, and other characteristics. It can meet the needs of civil engineering in water conservancy, municipal, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel, engineering construction, such as anti-seepage, isolation, reinforcement, crack prevention and reinforcement. The lower end of the composite geomembrane is anchored. The lower end of the composite geomembrane produced by environmental geomembrane manufacturers is anchored on the outside of the vertical impervious cement mixing pile top of the embankment foundation. After the wall is formed, the wall at the intersection of two adjacent piles is 36 cm thick. After the pile is formed, the pile top is first trimmed to the design elevation before the pile is finally set, and then the pile body outside the intersection of the two riverside sides is cut 17cm down to 30cm depth. The composite geomembrane makes the overall cement mixing pile impervious wall A 30 cm deep vertical plane is formed at this part. When the composite geomembrane is laid, the lower end of the composite geomembrane is anchored on the vertical plane. The anchoring method is the same as that of the upper end. Finally, the anchoring part of the pile top and the side of the pile is sealed with the above-mentioned concrete.

The main mechanism of composite geomembrane is to block the leakage channel of the earth dam by the impermeability of plastic film. With its large tensile strength and elongation, it can withstand the water pressure and adapt to the deformation of the dam. Fibrous chemical materials have high tensile strength and elongation through needle punching or hot bonding. After combining with plastic film, it not only increases the tensile strength and puncture resistance of the plastic film but also because of the non-woven fabric The rough surface increases the friction coefficient of the contact surface, which is beneficial to the stability of the composite geomembrane and the protective layer.

At the same time, they have good erosion resistance to bacteria and chemical action and are not afraid of acid, alkali and salt erosion. The thermal connection must be strictly controlled to ensure that the geotextile patch and geotextile are tightly coupled and that there is no damage to the geotextile. Before the completion of the daily laying, the composite LDPE geomembrane for sale was visually inspected on the surface of all the geotextiles laid on that day to make sure that all the damaged places were marked and immediately repaired, and that the laying surface was free of foreign substances that might cause damage, such as fine needles, small Nails and so on. At the bottom of the landfill, if the gap in the geotextile exceeds 10% of the width of the coil, the damaged part must be cut off, and then the two geotextiles should be connected; if the gap is greater than 10% of the width of the coil in the slope, The geotextile is removed and replaced with a new roll.

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