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The main application of geotextile in pavement structure

One of the main applications of filament nonwoven geotextile factory price in pavement structures is to improve the anti-fatigue cracks, anti-reflective cracks, and anti-permanent deformation capabilities of asphalt pavements or overlays. The research on improving the anti-fatigue cracking performance and preventing the reflection crack is generally combined with the mechanical analysis of the formation mechanism of the reflection crack.

The main application of geotextile in pavement structure

Some engineering applications explained the stress state of the asphalt concrete overlay on the old cement concrete pavement and theoretically discussed the formation mechanism of reflective cracks. The material with low modulus and high deformation rate as the interlayer can greatly reduce the stress concentration factor at the crack tip and play a role in preventing reflection cracks. Geotextiles are the best in various preventive measures. Taking the elastic foundation beam as a model, the technology of preventing cracks in the asphalt road network is analyzed theoretically.

When the geotextile is spread on the pavement, the geotextile with large thickness, low elastic modulus, and large deformation rate can significantly reduce the temperature stress at the bottom of the asphalt concrete layer, but the effective stress caused by the load tends to increase. Laying a limited width wholesale polyester nonwoven geotextile interlayer at the joints of the old pavement can not only take advantage of the low modulus of the geotextile but also avoid damaging the overall continuity of the pavement structure, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the temperature stress and load stress of the overlay.

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