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The Main Function of Seepage Geotextile

The geotextile has a good effect on the reinforcement of the riverbank slope protection and the reinforcement of the dam. The geotextile has high longitudinal and tensile strength and extension function and is good in acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance. The role, then do you know what other uses of anti-seepage geotextile can be used?

Water-permeable geotextile can be used for the reinforcement of reinforced dams for riverbank slope protection. Water seepage means that water can penetrate through the different series of geotextiles. In the above projects, the water in the soil can seep through the geotextile and drain away. The retained soil layer itself will not be lost, thereby playing the role of solidifying the soil.

The Main Function of Seepage Geotextile

In addition, the cloth’s three-dimensional pore structure makes it have excellent permeability and filtration characteristics. When the water flows from the fine soil layer into the coarse soil layer, the polyester staple fiber needled geotextile can be used to make the water flow through, and the water particles can be effectively carried by the particles and fine sand, etc. to maintain the soil and water. The stability of the project.

Impermeable geotextile is waterproof. It is divided into two cloths and one membrane and one cloth and one membrane. According to the design, how many grams of cloth and how many grams of the membrane are needed. The roadbed is usually perforated with needle punched nonwoven geotextile characteristics. Through the above introduction, we can already clarify the role of seepage geotextile; there are others who also call it permeable geotextile or anti-filter geotextile.

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