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Matters Needing Attention in The Construction Process of Anti-seepage Membrane

We all know that the impermeable membrane is a good impermeable substrate, with excellent anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet and anti-decomposition ability, the general service life is about 50 to 70 years, in order to make the impermeable low cost textured geomembrane after construction It can give full play to its performance. In general, these problems must be paid attention to when performing anti-seepage membrane construction.

1. Earthwork: The quality of the base surface should meet the design requirements, the dry moisture content should be 15%, and the base should be dense and uniform. The dry density of the soil foundation should not be less than 1.4t/m2. Flat, no cracks, no obvious spikes, the surface should be slightly changed within the allowable range evenly.

2. Materials: The high quality textured geomembrane materials used must be qualified, with appropriate certificates and test reports attached.

3. Laying: Welding seams should be minimized when laying smooth impermeable membranes. Under the premise of ensuring quality, in order to save raw materials as much as possible, the overlap width of the film and the film is usually not less than 10cm, and manual wrinkles should be avoided when laying. When the temperature is low, tighten, and level as much as possible.

4. Climatic aspects of construction: The temperature should usually be higher than 5°C, the impermeable membrane should be tight at low temperature, and the textured geomembrane for sale should be relaxed at high temperature. The wind should be in the fourth level. If there is a strong wind, the HDPE geomembrane to be welded should be pressed with sandbags.

5. Welding: The impermeable membrane should be powered by the generator, and a voltage regulator must be used when the local power supply is used under special circumstances. In addition to protective measures, welding may not be possible in rainy weather or when the joint is wet dew or heavy sand. It should not be used according to specifications when the temperature is below 5°C. If welding is required, the welding machine should be preheated.

Matters Needing Attention in The Construction Process of Anti-seepage Membrane

In addition to the above precautions, welding may not be possible in rainy weather or when there is wet dew or heavy sand at the joint. During the welding process, the slider of the gun head should be checked frequently during the welding process. When the wear is serious, the slider should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the LDPE geomembrane manufacturers surface.

In our daily construction, we must strictly observe the construction rules when welding the impermeable membrane, so as to ensure the quality of the impermeable membrane welding and reduce the leakage of the project. So what construction steps must be followed for the welding of impermeable membranes?

1. Adjustment of impermeable membrane welding machine
When welding the impermeable LDPE geomembrane for sale, the temperature and pressure of the welding machine should be adjusted, and after welding, the impermeable membrane sample should be ground to start the motor to start welding.

2. Welding of impermeable membrane samples
Before the formal welding of the impermeable membrane, 0.9mm * 0.3mm impermeable environmental geomembrane manufacturers samples should be cut on-site to check the welding quality and whether the welding machine adjustment is qualified.

3. Remove debris from the impervious membrane joint
In order to ensure the welding quality, we must arrange for someone to clean and wipe the lap joint of the impermeable membrane in front of the welding machine to clean the debris and dirt when welding the impervious high quality environmental geomembrane.

4. Test the weld
When welding the impermeable membrane, the welding of the impermeable membrane must be neat and beautiful, to avoid jump welding and sliding welding products caused by external forces. Each weld completes a weld, and a special person checks whether it meets the standard.

5. Treatment of welded joints of impervious membrane
If the length of the impermeable membrane is insufficient, it is pre-cut according to the required length of the impermeable aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers. The welded joint shall be T-shaped. The transverse weld of the impermeable membrane is welded in welding, and after the transverse weld is processed, the longitudinal joint is welded.

6. Detail treatment of anti-seepage membrane
There are some details when welding impermeable low price aquaculture geomembrane and it is impossible to use the welding machine for the welding process.

Matters Needing Attention in The Construction Process of Anti-seepage Membrane

The impermeable membrane is an environmentally friendly construction material that does not contain chemical additives or heat treatment. The good mechanical properties and good water permeability of the impermeable membrane, as well as corrosion resistance and aging resistance, also make it popular. In order to ensure that the performance of the impermeable high quality aquaculture geomembrane is fully exerted, the above rules must be followed when welding.

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