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Matters Needing Attention When Welding HDPE Impermeable Membrane

Generally, a wedge welding machine is used for welding the impermeable high quality gravel geocell, and a double-track hot-melt welding method is used. For the parts that cannot be welded by the wedge welding machine, an extruded hot-melt welding machine should be used, with a welding rod of the same quality as the raw material to form a single welding seam. When welding the impermeable membrane, the following items should also be noted.

1. The welding process of the hot welding machine is divided into: adjusting the working pressure wholesale dimple drainage board, setting the temperature, setting the rate, welding and reinforcing steel bar overlap inspection, loading the film into the machine, and starting the motor.

2. There should be no oil stains or dust at the interface. The reinforced lap section of HDPE impermeable China dimple drainage board suppliers need not have fine sand, condensed water, wet and cold dirt, etc. When there is dirt, it must be cleaned before welding.

Matters Needing Attention When Welding HDPE Impermeable Membrane

3. At the beginning of daily welding, the 0.8 mm × 0.4 mm test piece should be generally welded on the spot. The total width of the steel bar overlap is not less than 12 cm, and the detachment and cutting experiments should be carried out on the spot. After that, you can use the speed, working pressure, and temperature adjusted at that time to develop even more welding. During the entire welding process of the hot welding machine high quality filament nonwoven geotextile, it is necessary to pay special attention to the operation status of the welding machine at any time and anywhere, and adjust the rate and temperature according to the specific conditions on the spot.

4. The welding seam is neat and beautiful, and there is no problem with slip welding.

5. When the length of the anti-seepage filament nonwoven geotextile for sale is insufficient, it must be patched in the long direction. Weld the horizontal welds first, and then weld the longitudinal seams. The distance between the horizontal welds should be more than 60 centimeters, and the cross lines should not be crossed.

6. When the film is welded, the dead fold cannot be pressed out. When laying HDPE impermeable polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price, according to the local average temperature change strength and HDPE impermeable geomembrane characteristics, the telescopic deformation caused by the temperature change is pre-embedded.

7. Welding is not allowed during rainy days or when there is moisture, dew, or heavy sand at the joints, but safety protection measures are not applicable.

8. When the temperature is less than 5℃, engineering construction is not allowed in accordance with the standard, and the welding machine must be heated before the construction is necessary.

9. HDP anti-seepage wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile should use the power supply system of the generator set with a good voltage regulator tube when welding. When the local power consumption is selected under unique conditions, a voltage stabilizer must be used.

Matters Needing Attention When Welding HDPE Impermeable Membrane

In order to ensure that the welding effect of the impermeable membrane reaches a satisfactory level, the welding should be carried out in strict accordance with the welding standards, so that the laying effect can be ensured during the later laying, and it also has the unique performance for the later impermeable polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale. Certain guarantee.

Generally speaking, during the construction of one cloth and one film, the manual rolling of the cloth surface should be smooth and the deformation allowance should be properly kept. This way of laying is relatively simple. Generally, the width of one cloth and one film sewing and welding is more than 0.1m. Before overlapping, the geotextile must overlap at least 150mm, and the overlap width is more than 0.2m.

Before overlapping, the geotextile must overlap by at least 150 mm low cost textured geomembrane, and the small stitches should be at least 25 mm from the selvage (the exposed edge of the material). Corresponding measures must be taken to prevent soil particulate matter or foreign matter from entering the geotextile layer after installation.

It must be laid in the early stage and must be repaired from the beginning and ensure that the end of the jump stitch has been restarted. The high quality textured geomembrane supplier must sew it during the laying process. If the length of the slit exceeds 10 mm of the width of the coil, it must be cut off.

When carrying out construction, we must pay attention to mastering the laying technology, so as to successfully complete the laying of the textured geomembrane for sale. When the gas in the welding seam leaks with the gas needle, just plug the needle through the place with plasticine to prevent Infiltration achieves very good work efficiency.

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