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Method for Delaying Aging Speed of Anti-seepage Geomembrane

With the increasing use of geosynthetic materials in civil engineering construction, especially a large number of applications in flood control and rescue projects have a good effect so that the majority of engineering and technical personnel attach great importance to wholesale textured geomembrane materials, but for geomembrane materials, The use of is also limited by time, so how to effectively slow down its aging rate has become an important issue.

Regarding the application technology of geosynthetics, the state has put forward standard technical requirements in terms of anti-seepage, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, etc., which has greatly accelerated the promotion and application of new materials. The aging phenomenon of anti-seepage LDPE geomembrane factory price is one of the inherent characteristics of polymer materials, which cannot be completely eliminated, but effective measures can be taken to delay its aging rate.

Method for Delaying Aging Speed of Anti-seepage Geomembrane

Take protective measures in the project, such as shortening the exposure time of materials in sunlight as much as possible. In the construction, consideration should be given to the construction condition factors such as the binder and the construction technology supporting the aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers. For example, in the sewage treatment project, the construction area is large, and the operation time is large. A reasonable plan must be formulated. The construction of the anti-seepage geotextile must be divided into several areas, and the construction of the waterproof board must be coordinated.

Generally, in order to delay the aging speed of the wholesale HDPE geomembrane, an anti-aging agent can be added to the raw materials to suppress the effect of external factors such as photo-oxygen and heat on the material, such as the appropriate amount of antioxidants, light stabilizer and dark carbon black. Adding an anti-aging agent to polypropylene directly exposed to sunlight for 4 years, the strength only loses 25%, and the intensity will be completely lost if it is directly exposed to sunlight for 2 to 3 months without adding the anti-aging agent.

Generally speaking, the leakage of the geomembrane is closely related to the type and size of the defect, the permeability of the underlying layer, and the contact conditions. If there is no seepage restriction on both sides of the defect hole of the geomembrane, the seepage can be regarded as free outflow The seepage flow of the HDPE geomembrane for sale can be calculated according to the formula.

Method for Delaying Aging Speed of Anti-seepage Geomembrane

According to experimental research, if the permeability coefficient of the bottom plate is greater than 10-1cm / s, the leakage at the defect can still be regarded as an unrestricted free flow. According to the empirical formula when the permeability coefficient of the buffer is greater than 104-105 times the membrane permeability coefficient, the effect of seepage reduction on the buffer membrane defects can be ignored, and leakage defects can still be calculated according to the formula.

In the geomembrane anti-seepage project, once the HDPE geomembrane manufacturers have defects, its prominent hazard is the defect seepage problem. Although people have noticed the problem of membrane leakage, due to the complexity of the problem, there are few relevant studies that generally believe that the membrane causes product quality consistency because the pore size is significantly smaller than the thickness of the membrane, and the leakage can be calculated by the formula.

Because the leakage of this defect is very small, it will not affect the safety of the earth-rock dam. The macro defect shape of various geotextiles has large randomness. In addition to the obvious gap defects, since the equivalent pore diameter of most geomembrane macro defects is significantly greater than the thickness of the high quality HDPE geomembrane, attention should be paid to leakage problems.

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