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Method for Laying Crushed Stone on Composite Geomembrane

On some special occasions, some crushed stones need to be laid on the composite surface layer, which needs to be processed to break the stones into small particles. This will protect both the membrane and the rubble.

In the process of laying gravel, stones with larger particles have high requirements on the car during the laying process. If the car has no tracks, it will pierce the membrane, and the size of the gravel must be strictly controlled. It is not allowed to appear on the construction site.

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When laying crushed stones, the size of the crushed stones also needs to be strictly controlled. If the size of the crushed stones is too large, it is necessary to control the height of the crushed stones. It is necessary to keep the necessary looseness a little, and at the same time, there may not be bubbles under the membrane. During the process of paving gravel, care must be taken.

In order to guarantee the normal end of the construction period and the area is too poor at the time of laying, the demand between the base surface and the composite textured geomembrane factory price is flat and close, which will easily become a situation driven by the wind. Please focus on the construction staff to carry out the construction.

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