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Method for Preventing Water Seepage of Geomembrane

Under the environment of clean water, the use time can reach 40 years or longer, and the common time in the environment of sewage is 40 years. It belongs to a more extreme state, so we need to maintain its use. On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the wholesale textured geomembrane, and at the same time, to choose a suitable environment, how to ensure that the products that can be bought back will not seep water? In fact, you need to pay attention to this during construction. If there are too many sharp points on its surface, it will definitely wear out. Secondly, during the construction process, we have to look at the weather.

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In some places, if the geomembrane is folded, the use effect will also be thought of. In short, these precautions can be completely solved in professional parks. If we have conditions, we must find old workers with certain experiences. They will be completed to a higher standard, and at the same time, it will also make us more assured of them. Generally speaking, a corresponding protective film will be laid on the top of the wholesale LDPE geomembrane. The first-class products have a very flat appearance and they A particularly large hole.

Therefore, if he has a relatively high number of days with Mo, Chengdu has not seen it from the outside. If he clearly divides these criteria into selection, we can all determine the merchants we should cooperate with. What we call composite design is to make the non-clamping itself reach a relatively high degree of overlap, so that our use effect is achieved, and the geomembrane we finally layout has a better shape. The diameter of the protective layer should be approximated according to a certain formula to ensure that the margin of error is relatively small.

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