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Mine Geogrid – Plastic Geogrid

Mine geogrid is a kind of plastic protective mesh used in the underground coal mine, which takes polypropylene as the main raw material, after being treated with flame retardant and antistatic technology, and adopts the method of bidirectional tension to form the whole structure of “double anti-resistance” plastic mesh. This product is convenient for construction, low cost, safe and beautiful.

Mine geogrid in the coal mine work is also called the coal mine underground with two-way tensile plastic mesh false roof, referred to as false roof net. Mine geogrid is specially designed and manufactured for false roof support and roadway protection and support of underground mining working face, which is made by heating, extrusion, forming, punching, drawing, shaping, coiling and other processes with several kinds of polymer and other modifiers. Compared with metal textile mesh and plastic woven mesh, uniaxial plastic geogrid factory price has the characteristics of light weight, great strength, isotropy, anti-static, non-corrosion, and flame retarding.

The mine geogrid is mainly used in the false roof support engineering of underground mining face, the mine geogrid can also be used as the earth and stone anchoring and strengthening material for other mine roadway engineering, slope protection engineering, underground civil engineering, and traffic road engineering, the mine geogrid is one of the best substitute products of plastic textile net.
Mine Geogrid - Plastic Geogrid

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