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Advantages of pond impermeable membrane

The surface of the permeable membrane is smooth, which reasonably avoids the escape of fish in rainy weather. Its important role is to prevent fish from directly contacting the soil layer and prevent water pollution. The anti-leakage membrane can ...

Construction method of anti-seepage membrane in pond

The price of the impermeable membrane reflects the quality of the impermeable membrane to a certain extent, and its service life is related to its natural covering effect. The anti-seepage of the geomembrane is mainly the performance of the waterp...

What should be paid attention to in the application of anti-seepage membrane in pond

The price of the impermeable membrane can reflect the quality of the impermeable membrane at a certain level, and its use period lies in the paving and application of the geographical environment. Impermeable geomembrane is mainly the performance ...

The important effect of using HDPE impermeable membrane in fish pond

HDPE geomembrane is environmentally friendly Non-toxic, easy to clean, improve the accuracy of fertilization and feeding. It can prevent water from penetrating into the soil in the fish pond, effectively monitor the water level and save water for ...

Application range of HDPE geomembrane in seepage prevention

As a geosynthetic material with good impermeability, HDPE geomembrane is used in dozens of fields. It is all optimistic about the technical characteristics of this kind of raw materials in the specific production and processing process, and the pr...

Precautions before laying composite geomembrane

Before laying the composite geomembrane, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the geomembrane laying, minimize wrinkles, cutting, and material waste, avoid cross joints and ensure that the distance between the transverse welds of two adjacent...

Anti-seepage performance of geomembrane

The composite geomembrane uses plastic film as an impermeable board and is compounded with non-woven fabric. Its anti-seepage effect lies in the anti-seepage performance of the plastic film, that is, relying on the non-water absorption of the plas...

The influence of different PH value on the properties of non-woven geotextile

1. Prepare solutions with pH 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 to satisfy the impregnation of non-woven geotextiles and number them respectively; 2. Take the polyester filament geotextile of the same specification (200 g/m2, 20 cm × 8 cm), and immerse two pi...

Advantages of geosynthetics

Geosynthetics is known as the fourth important building material besides wood, steel, and concrete. It has six functions of filtration, drainage, isolation, reinforcement, protection, and anti-seepage, enabling geosynthetics to solve many engineer...

Factors to be considered in the thickness design of geomembrane

The selection of composite geomembrane specifications are related to the flatness of the cushion, the allowable tensile stress of the material, the elastic modulus of the material, the maximum water head within the laying range, and the maximum pa...
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