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Geosynthetics are synthetic polymers

Composite geomembrane is an integral structure made of geomembrane and geotextile through extrusion, rolling, or spraying in the factory. It has membrane anti-seepage and fabric drainage functions, plays the role of membrane cushion, improves the ...

The welding operator should observe the welding quality of the geomembrane at any time

The composite geomembrane is composed of geomembrane and geotextile. The geomembrane plays an anti-seepage function, and the geotextile protects the anti-seepage geomembrane from cracking and tearing damage of the building structure and materials,...

Ensure that all indicators meet the design requirements before HDPE membrane material construction

Process flow: site leveling, positioning, and laying, earth excavation, pool bottom rolling, layered backfilling of dam earth, layered rolling of dam earth, dam shaping, digging anchor trenches, laying various pipelines, laying bottom protection I...

Welding method of high-density polyethylene impermeable membrane

The construction of an HDPE impermeable membrane is the most important and critical process in the entire accident collection pool. How to control its quality is the key control point of the entire project. Among them, HPDE impermeable materials a...

Application of Canal Seepage Control Engineering in Rural Irrigation District

As the main carrier of rural production and domestic water and human and livestock drinking water, the safety, reliability, and energy saving of channel operation is particularly important. Due to the comprehensive constraints of factors such as t...

The role of geotextile after being saturated with asphalt

Under the action of pressure, water can enter the lower mixture from the upper mixture through the communication gap of the mixture itself. However, after the interlayer of geotextile is installed, after the filament nonwoven geotextile factory pr...

The impact of geomembrane rupture

1. Is there any influence from the spread of the film? After the film is laid, the infiltration line before the film rises slightly, while the infiltration line after the film decreases significantly. At the same time, the constant water headline ...

The main function of geotextile used for slope protection

Soil erosion is a major global production and environmental problem. The most serious soil erosion is the steep slope of bare soil. In highway construction, especially highway construction, a large number of exposed steep slopes are often formed, ...

No reflective cracks at the joints covered by geotextile

The connection between the test section and the conventional section appeared earlier, indicating that there are still weak sections in the variable cross-sections of the two structural layers where only geotextiles are laid, and special treatment...

Composite geomembrane has unparalleled anti-seepage effect

Grouted masonry, concrete, or film can be used for canal seepage prevention. Kangping County is located in a severe cold area, with deep freezing and large frost heaves. If a rigid anti-seepage structure is adopted, a large number of replacement l...
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