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The geotextile cushion should be laid on a clean base surface

When using an electric welder for welding, the joints on both sides must be clean and tidy, and no bubbles, wrinkles, and gaps are allowed to affect the welding quality. In order to determine the welding speed and temperature of the double-weld ho...

Geotextiles are mainly used in areas with severe soil erosion

The isolation function refers to laying geotextiles or geotextile-related products between two different wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextiles to avoid mutual mixing, prevent various materials and structures from losing their integrity, and...

The upper and lower geotextiles of the composite geomembrane

After laying a composite geomembrane in a small dam pond, the water shortage problem in nearby villages was completely solved. The composite geomembrane should be laid in dry and warm weather. In order to facilitate splicing and prevent stress con...

Geotextile is used to reinforce the soft foundation of fish ponds

The main purpose of using geosynthetics to reinforce the embankment is to improve the overall sliding safety factor of the embankment or to use steep slopes to reduce land occupation under the premise of ensuring safety. Simply using flat geosynth...

Three methods of splicing impermeable membrane on site

There are three methods for splicing impermeable membranes on site: overlap method, the bonding method, and thermal welding method. After the two rolls of the impermeable wholesale environmental geomembrane are unfolded, overlap 20 ~ 40 cm along t...

The main application of geotextile in pavement structure

One of the main applications of geotextiles in pavement structures is to improve the anti-fatigue cracks, anti-reflective cracks, and anti-permanent deformation capabilities of asphalt pavements or overlays. The research on improving the anti-fati...

Geotextile has good anti-seepage performance and good isolation effect

Geotextile is a new type of building material in the current project, with good anti-seepage performance and good isolation effect, so it is usually used in reinforcement and protection projects. We compared the anti-seepage performance of this po...

Application of Canal Seepage Control Project in Rural Irrigation District

As the main carrier of rural production and domestic water and human and livestock drinking water, the safety, reliability, and energy saving of channel operation is particularly important. Due to the comprehensive constraints of the construction ...

Structural design characteristics of black film biogas tank

The black-film biogas tank is a dam-shaped structure composed of a dam, a pipeline, and a high-density polyethylene membrane. It has the characteristics of large water storage capacity and long sewage retention time, which not only saves fertilize...

Detail of laying polyglass fiber geotextile composite glass grid

1. Thoroughly clean up loose materials, dust, and debris from old roads, exposing old roads and “new stubble” to facilitate the combination of high-temperature asphalt and roads. 2. When cracks with a width of more than 6mm appear on t...
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