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The durability of the geomembrane is better under the protection of the protective layer

Option 1, a medium-low head earth-rock dam on a homogeneous or double-layer foundation, with a thick permeable layer and no strong permeable interlayer, has advantages in economy and construction period compared with the general vertical anti-seep...

The layout of composite geotextile

Composite geotextile has the characteristics of good tensile strength, high impact strength, impermeability, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, and abrasion resistance. Impervious geotextiles are widely used in the co...

Technical indicators of composite geomembrane

1. Technical indicators of composite geomembrane In order to effectively cut off the external moisture, the barrier adopts an anti-seepage composite geomembrane. During construction, in order to effectively protect the geomembrane and play its rol...

Key characteristics of geomembrane

High-density polyethylene geomembrane is mainly used in garbage disposal sites, landscape lakes, and ponds. The rural grassroots level is laid flat, and the overall design of the membrane roof has the thickness of the protective layer, so the risk...

Geogrid reinforced earth retaining wall technology

The so-called geogrid-reinforced retaining wall technology is to perforate a high-density polypropylene or polyethylene board and then heat it to stretch it in one or two directions. The purpose of this is to improve the directional arrangement of...

Influence of Shear Characteristics of Composite Geomembrane on Stability

In the industrial production process, some waste liquid is often produced. Draining the waste liquid into an evaporation pond with an impermeable layer can not only avoid environmental pollution caused by the direct discharge of the waste liquid b...

Non-woven fabric is made of fiber mesh and consolidation

Non-woven fabric is made of fiber mesh and consolidation. The fiber has a three-dimensional structure, good ductility, and mechanical properties. Different materials and processes can be used to design fabrics with a wide range of structural featu...

Geotextiles generally use splicing methods

Technical requirements for geotextile connection 1. Technical requirements. Geotextiles are generally spliced by splicing, all splicing must be continuous, and spot welding is not allowed. Any “missing stitches” on the sewn geotextile ...

Bentonite waterproof blanket cannot reduce dissolution and aging problems

Artificial lakes usually have poor self-purification capacity, fragile ecosystem structure, and are easily affected by many uncertain external factors. Therefore, how to maintain a large area of ​​water at a certain level for a long time, ensure t...

Factors to be considered in the design of geomembrane thickness

The selection of composite geomembrane specifications are related to the flatness of the cushion, the allowable tensile stress of the material, the elastic modulus of the material, the maximum water head within the laying range, and the maximum pa...
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