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Construction Scheme of Composite Geomembrane in Channel Anti-seepage River Treatment – Ⅱ

Laying method According to the range of the film, it can be divided into full-lay, half-lay, and bottom-lay. The semi-paved and bottom-paved styles are mainly suitable for wide and shallow channels or canals with trees on the slope. 1. Full paving...

Construction Scheme of Composite Geomembrane in Channel Anti-seepage River Treatment – Ⅰ

Loss of water leakage in canals or rivers not only reduces water use coefficients, wastes valuable water resources, but also causes groundwater levels to rise, causing damage to farmland. Only by adopting effective anti-seepage engineering measure...

Reasons for The Big Price Difference of Black Film Biogas Membrane

Black-film biogas digester is a new type of biogas digester in today’s environment. It costs less than traditional biogas digesters and iris biogas digesters and is easy to construct. The advantages of large volume and low operation and proc...

Introduction to The Main Control Testing Items of Anti-seepage Membrane, Geomembrane and Geotextile Materials

The main testing items of the anti-seepage membrane, geomembrane, and geotextile materials are different, but in daily engineering, they are usually the main indicators for testing them. The main control items of the anti-seepage membrane and geom...

Features and Construction Considerations of Black Film Biogas Digester

Black film biogas digester has the following characteristics: Low construction cost and high efficiency 2. Convenient construction and short construction period 3. The sewage stays for a long time, and the water outlet effect is good 4. HDPE barri...

Construction Technology Analysis of HDPE Impervious Geomembrane Biogas Plant

With the in-depth study of the theory of anaerobic digestion of biogas, the technology of black-film biogas digester was introduced to China in 2003. At present, there have been many demonstration projects in various parts of the country, and it h...

How to Choose The Biomembrane Geomembrane in The Farm?

In order to respond to environmental protection, biogas digesters are now commonly built-in farms. Black-film biogas digesters combine fermentation and gas storage. The impermeable membrane material completely seals the entire anaerobic pond. It h...

Biogas Geomembrane HDPE

Principle of black film biogas digester: black film biogas digester is an anaerobic fermentation tank in biogas engineering. It is to use the advantages of HDPE geomembrane material to prevent seepage and leakage, lay a layer of HDPE geomembrane i...

HDPE Geomembrane Specifications and Usage Instructions

HDPE anti-seepage film is made of high-density polyethylene resin, which is melted, extruded and calendered into a waterproof barrier material at high temperature. The colors are white and black. Wide: 1-8 meters. Film thickness: 0.30-4.00 mm. Wid...

Difference Between Anti-seepage Geomembrane and Rough Geomembrane

What is the difference between anti-seepage geomembrane and rough geomembrane? Geomembrane manufacturers introduce you, what is the difference between ordinary anti-seepage geomembrane, single-grain geomembrane, and double-grain geomembrane? The ...
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