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No reflective cracks at the joints covered by geotextile

The connection between the test section and the conventional section appeared earlier, indicating that there are still weak sections in the variable cross-sections of the two structural layers where only geotextiles are laid, and special treatment is required during construction;

There are no reflective cracks at the joints covered by geotextiles (including expansion joints); under bad weather conditions, there will be tiny cracks at the joints of the filament nonwoven geotextile factory price. Over time, some cracks will heal, and some cracks will develop into a through the seam, but the probability of occurrence is not high, and a crack will appear. There are many through cracks at the joints without geotextiles. The occurrence rate of cracks in the south is 9.5% and that in the north is 9.8%.

Needle-punched Geotextile Processing Technology Has the Following Characteristics

The concrete slab covered with geotextile has three pits and the geotextile is exposed. The reason is that when the paver spreads the asphalt concrete surface, the wholesale filament nonwoven geotextile will curl, causing the asphalt concrete surface to peel off under repeated driving loads.

The engineering characteristics of geotextiles mainly considered in the application of pavement engineering include the following aspects: (1) physical properties (thickness and mass per unit area); (2) mechanical properties (tensile strength, grip, trapezoidal tear strength, Blasting strength, puncture strength, cone penetration strength and creep characteristics); (3) Geotextile and geotextile interaction interface characteristics (direct shear strength and pull-out friction strength); (4) Hydraulic characteristics (geotextile strength) (Porosity, pore size, and permeability); (5) Durability of geotextiles (anti-aging, chemical corrosion resistance, building damage, temperature freeze-thaw and the influence of changes in drying humidity on the properties of the fabric).

In order to reasonably select and apply wholesale polyester nonwoven geotextile, corresponding tests are carried out according to the different characteristics of geotextiles to correctly determine the design parameters.

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