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Precautions After Laying HDPE Geomembrane

The joint treatment of HDPE geomembrane is the crux of the project

The HDPE geomembrane welding method is to cool the shape of the PE geomembrane connection so that the outer shape is condensed, and then the pressure roller is blended to make it blend. After the HDPE impermeable membrane is laid, it must be pressed with the soil belt to prevent the wind from moving. The seams at the edges must be bright and clear, and there is no shortage of debris.

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HDPE geomembrane is best placed in a certain direction. HDPE anti-seepage film is reserved for 10-20 cm sides on both sides for welding. It is necessary to remedy the placement of HDPE geomembrane during laying to facilitate the double-sided HDPE geomembrane. Welding. Before welding, it is necessary to remedy the gap of the double-sided HDPE anti-seepage film at the joint, so that it can be connected to a certain size, flat and without wrinkles. When welding, it is best to find a welder weld that does not have a certain weld history, and the weld is used for the common welder up to the weld. To remedy the high temperature and speed. The multi-year test of the voucher shows that it is too thin, which may lead to small holes, and it is easy to be damaged in the project and increase the anti-seepage achievement.

In the HDPE geomembrane project, it is necessary to concentrate on the width of the laying, not wrinkle, and the connection should be strong. It is necessary to follow the new skills and statutory projects, and to do a good job in planning, laying, connecting, knowledge testing and backfilling.

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