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What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying Impermeable Membranes?

As a good anti-seepage matrix, the anti-seepage membrane can be seen in many projects, not only in various major projects, but also in ordinary rural households such as farmers raising oysters, fish, yellow scorpions, and loach. So what should you pay attention to when buying impermeable membranes?

1. Anti-seepage effect
As the manufacturers of impermeable environmental geomembrane for sale on the market are mixed, some impermeable membrane manufacturers have sub-optimally filled them, seriously disrupting the normal market order. Some customers are artificial, and the price of impermeable membranes is very high, which is also prejudice.

When choosing an impermeable membrane, the main choice is the impermeable effect of the impermeable membrane. A good quality impermeable membrane is not a star or half of the poor quality. How to identify the anti-seepage effect of the anti-seepage membrane?

The simple method is to observe the appearance of the impermeable membrane. For example, if the surface is smooth and free of particles, it is basically judged that the anti-seepage effect is good. Nor does it mean that the impermeable membrane with particles on the surface must have a poor impermeable effect. This is only relative.

The specific anti-seepage effect of the anti-seepage membrane produced by environmental geomembrane manufacturers must be tested by a professional anti-seepage membrane testing instrument to determine the anti-seepage effect of the anti-seepage membrane.

Precautions for Buying Impermeable Membrane

2. The width of the impermeable membrane
In order to ensure the construction quality of the anti-seepage membrane, when selecting the anti-seepage membrane, the appropriate width of the anti-seepage membrane must be selected according to the actual situation on the construction site to minimize the number of welded anti-seepage high quality textured geomembrane. First, it can reduce the workload, and secondly, it has a layer of guarantee for the anti-seepage effect of the anti-seepage membrane.

When constructing an impermeable membrane in a sewage pond, external forces should be prevented from puncturing. Especially when the sewage treatment equipment is used for construction, the place where it is in contact with the sewage treatment equipment should be treated. At the corner of the lagoon or at the deformation joint where the water-impermeable membrane is laid, the length of the joint should be reduced as much as possible to avoid large-scale joints, which pose a hidden danger to the construction quality. There are two welding and bonding methods at the seam of the impermeable low cost textured geomembrane. According to the topographic characteristics of different sewage treatment tanks, the connection between the sewage treatment tank and the boundary needs to be anchored, and the anti-seepage quality of the anti-seepage membrane treatment tank is fixed while ensuring the sewage.

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