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What Should We Pay Attention to When Laying Geomembrane in Landfill?

There are a lot of harmful and toxic substances in the garbage, so you must choose high-quality HDPE geomembrane materials for the construction of the dump. If you choose the appropriate materials and cooperate with the standard construction specifications, you can really play its effect. Then you should pay attention to the laying of HDPE geomembrane what?

1. Before laying the HDPE environmental geomembrane factory price, the design should be established with the civil construction and the owner should carry out a comprehensive inspection of the laying base, meet the design requirements, meet the construction conditions, and make the handover inspection record before construction.

2. The quality of the base surface should meet the design requirements: the bottom surface of the foundation pit, the slope surface and its slope ratio, the anchoring groove on the side slope, and the treatment of the junction between the slope surface and the right surface.

precautions for laying geomembrane in landfill

3. The base surface should be dry, compacted, and flat, without cracks, obvious sharp protrusions, muddy or depressions, and its flatness should be gently changed within the allowable range and the slope should be uniform and consistent.

4. The shadow on the base surface is smoothly transitioned, and the root of the column should be made into a circular arc shape.

5. The surface of the substrate is dry, and the moisture content should be below 15%.

6. The base should be dense and uniform. The dry density of the soil base should not be less than 1.4t / ㎡.

When the construction of geomembrane is carried out, the construction of composite geomembrane must be approved by the civil engineering, supervision, design unit, owner, and general contractor before the construction of geomembrane can be laid. Be sure to pay attention to these issues when carrying out construction.

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